Why Your Car Attracts Wasps? (And What To Do About It)

why your car attracts wasps

During the summer months, swarming bugs like wasps and bees seem to be everywhere. We try to avoid these pests at all costs, but sometimes we just can’t escape them.

One problem, in particular, is when wasps seem to swarm around your car, whether it’s parked or you are driving. This can be a nuisance as you may avoid getting into your vehicle in an attempt to avoid being stung!

But why does this happen? In this article, we will go over exactly why your car attracts wasps and what you can do about it. Keep reading to find out!

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Why Your Car Attracts Wasps

1. The Smell of Your Car Attracts Them

One main reason your car may attract wasps could be something inside your vehicle that they find appealing. Wasps love sweet smells, so there are many different things that could make them want to swarm in through the window of your car.

Open soda cans, candy wrappers, perfume, or even your car’s air freshener are all potential causes of wasps swarming your vehicle.

2. They Are Attracted to The Heat

Wasps thrive in warmth, and the hood of the car usually stays pretty hot in the warmer months. Wasps sense this heat and are drawn to it, likely as a survival instinct.

The grills of your car also stay hot, especially after you drive from one place to another. This is a good explanation if you find a wasp swarming your vehicle after a quick trip to the post office.

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3. You Parked Near Something They Like

Even if there is nothing inside your vehicle that is attracting wasps, it’s possible you parked near something they like.

Marigolds, white clover, cowpeas, and honeysuckle are all flowers and plants that attract wasps due to their high sugar content and sweet aroma. If you parked next to any of these, it is likely the reason your car is attracting wasps.

If you have any of these growing in a flower garden next to where you park your car, try planting something different.

Also, consider where you park when parking in a lot, try to avoid parking near spaces with old suckers, empty soda cans, and other things that people have thrown on the ground.

4. You Parked Near A Wasp Nest

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Image Credit: treehugger

If you find that a bunch of wasps is swarming around your car, it is possible you parked next to a wasp’s nest. While you think you would know if you parked next to one of these insect nests, it isn’t always as obvious as you think. Wasps set up their nests high up in corners of buildings like sheds and attics.

If your car is parked next to a building, it could be there is a wasp nest is near.

5. Your Car Is White

It sounds crazy, but wasps are actually more attracted to white cars than any other color car. The reason behind this is that wasps are known to be attracted to white flowers to pollinate.

Because they are attracted to white flowers, it is only natural they could confuse your white vehicle with one big white flower.

Another reason that white vehicles may attract wasps is that white reflects more light than darker-colored vehicles. During the summer months, when the sun is shining in full force, the reflection of the sunlight off of the white vehicle is likely to attract wasps as well.

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6. You Have Dead Insects on Your Tires or Grill

Dead insects let off pheromones that attract insects like wasps and honey bees. When you drive, insects get trapped in your radiator grille and get run over by tires!

If a wasps get a whiff of the dead insects, they will come to investigate!

How To Deter Wasps from Your Car

How To Deter Wasps from Your Car1

1. Use Essential Oils

Consider using an essential oil spray consisting of peppermint oil or basil oil inside your vehicle or another essential oil that is known to repel wasps. You can also put a few drops on a cotton ball and put them under your seats.

Try applying some oil to the edges of the car door windows and front grill as well; the heat from the grill will cause the oils to create a vapor and repel the wasps from your vehicle.

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2. Plant Herbs Next To Your Driveway

Similar to using essential oils, you can also try planting certain herbs and flowers next to your driveway that deter wasps. Wormwood, basil, thyme, and geranium are all great options to keep wasps at bay.

Even though mint is a great wasp repellent and a good choice for essential oils, you don’t want to plant mint next to your driveway unless it is in a planter. Mint has a way of taking over the roots where it is grown.

3. Keep Your Car Cleaned Out

Keep Your Car Cleaned Out1

The biggest way to ensure wasps stay away from your car is to keep it cleaned out, especially the sweet stuff. Try not to open anything sweet inside your vehicle. This will prevent unknown spills from occurring.

Search your vehicle for any spills that may have already occurred and take care of those immediately. If you must eat or drink sweets in your vehicle, be sure to bring them in instead of letting them stay outside overnight.

This is especially true if you have kids, as they are notorious for leaving candy and cookies lying around on car floorboards.

4. Choose A Different Air Freshener

If you are using a sweet-smelling air freshener, try switching it out for one that has a neutral smell rather than a sweet smell, such as tropical smells. You could also make a DIY air freshener with the oils as well using your essential oil of choice, felt, and yarn.


Wasps swarming around your car can be frustrating, especially if it is a frequent occurrence. Your car attracts wasps for multiple reasons, including sweet smells in your car, the way your car lets off heat, and even the color!

Have you had a run-in with wasps swarming your car? How did you fix it? We would love to hear about it. Let us know in the comment section below! We hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading!

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