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Waterproof LED Light Alarm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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Waterproof LED Light Alarm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller3

How does the ultrasonic repeller work?

This repeller uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans but very unpleasant and irritating for pests like rodents, dogs, cats, squirrels, wild boars, snakes, and birds. These ultrasonic vibrations effectively drive away unwanted animals from the area.

What is the coverage range?

According to the specifications, the working range of this solar-powered ultrasonic repeller is between 16-8 meters (52-26 feet). The sensitivity control button allows you to adjust the detection range as needed.

How do I adjust the frequency and sensitivity?

The repeller has two control knobs – one for adjusting the sensitivity (detection range), and another for adjusting the operating frequency. Turning the knobs clockwise increases the sensitivity or changes the ultrasonic frequency range.

What battery does it use and how long does it last?

This repeller uses a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack that can be recharged via the built-in solar panel. With regular sun exposure for recharging, the battery can provide extended operating time before needing to be recharged.

Is it weatherproof for outdoor use?

Yes, this ultrasonic pest repeller is designed with a waterproof construction, making it suitable for outdoor use in gardens, orchards, greenhouses, and other areas regardless of weather conditions.

Can it be used for indoor pest control as well?

While primarily intended for outdoor use, this solar repeller can potentially be used indoors as well to deter rodents or other pests, as long as there is sufficient ambient light for the solar panel to recharge the battery.

How do I install or set up the repeller?

This is a stake-style repeller that can be easily inserted into the ground in the area you wish to protect. No complex installation is required – simply choose an appropriate spot and push the stake into the soil, ensuring the solar panel receives adequate sunlight.

Is it safe for humans and pets?

Yes, the ultrasonic frequencies produced by this repeller are harmless to humans and typical household pets like dogs and cats, as these high-pitched sounds are outside our audible range. Only pests will be affected.


26 reviews

26 reviews for Waterproof LED Light Alarm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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  1. Jessica Gordon (verified owner)

    This little device has saved my garden! No more waking up to veggie plants dug up or fruits munched on by critters. The solar power is so convenient too.

    Color: Green x 1
  2. Derrick Temme (verified owner)

    We have a huge problem with rodents in our horse barn, but these repellers have finally given us some relief. They work amazingly and are eco-friendly.

    Color: Green x 1
  3. Jeffrey Prince (verified owner)

    Snakes were starting to become a real issue around our backyard pool before we invested in a couple of these ultrasonic repellers. No more scaly friends!

    Color: Green x 1
  4. Dirk Allen (verified owner)

    This little device has saved my garden! No more waking up to veggie plants dug up or fruits munched on by critters. The solar power is so convenient too.

    Color: Green x 1
  5. Stephen Robertson (verified owner)

    As a professional dog walker, I use one of these to humanely deter any unleashed pups that get aggressive when I’m out with my pack.

    Color: Green x 1
  6. Robert Reynolds (verified owner)

    These repellers have been an absolute lifesaver for keeping raccoons, possums, and rodents out of our chicken coop and away from our flock.

    Color: Green x 1
  7. Cynthia Magana (verified owner)

    We installed several around our vineyards to keep deer, rabbits and other hungry critters from destroying our grapes. What a smart investment!

    Color: Green x 1
  8. Stacey Jenkins (verified owner)

    Pigeons had become such a nuisance at my workplace, but putting a few of these repellers out back solved the problem in no time

    Color: Green x 1
  9. Scott Fields (verified owner)

    My parents have horses, and these repellers create a nice perimeter to deter coyotes and snakes from slithering into the barn and pastures.

    Color: Green x 1
  10. Jane Derby (verified owner)

    My husband thought I was crazy for ordering these, but after years of dealing with squirrels ransacking our attic, he’s thanking me!

    Color: Green x 1
  11. Harold Englehart (verified owner)

    I own a small urban farm, and these solar repellers have been invaluable for protecting my crops from birds, rabbits, raccoons, you name it!

    Color: Green x 1
  12. Michelle Dinh (verified owner)

    Living out in the country, we’d get regular unwanted visits from foxes, coyotes, rabbits and even the occasional bobcat before using these awesome repellers.

    Color: Green x 1
  13. David Watley (verified owner)

    My elderly neighbor was constantly battling groundhogs tunneling under his shed until I gifted him a couple of these to protect his yard.

    Color: Green x 1
  14. Jada Herring (verified owner)

    We have horses, and these repellers work like a charm for keeping them protected from unleashed dogs, coyotes, you name it!

    Color: Green x 1
  15. Kenneth Gries (verified owner)

    Placed a few of these around our pool area after having one too many snakes make appearances. No more sharing the pool with slithery guests!

    Color: Green x 1
  16. Kenneth Reeser (verified owner)

    Ever since installing a few of these around our camp sites, we haven’t had any more issues with bears, raccoons, or other furry visitors!

    Color: Green x 1
  17. Hector Howard (verified owner)

    I travel full-time in an RV, and one of these deterrents has been awesome for shooing away any curious critters that come too close when I’m camped.

    Color: Green x 1
  18. Dara Kitts (verified owner)

    These are a must for anyone with fruit trees or a vegetable garden who doesn’t want to share their harvest with every critter under the sun.

    Color: Green x 1
  19. Lisa Johnson (verified owner)

    Finally, a humane way to tackle our rat and mouse problem in our old house! These solar repellers are working better than any trap or poison.

    Color: Green x 1
  20. Nicholas Smith (verified owner)

    We adopted a couple of rescue bunnies and got these to ensure no predators could sneak into their outdoor enclosure and hutch area.

    Color: Green x 1
  21. Shane Valenzuela (verified owner)

    As someone with a major phobia of rodents, having an eco-friendly deterrent like this has allowed me to relax and enjoy my own backyard again.

    Color: Green x 1
  22. Ruth Leach (verified owner)

    Our homeowner’s association put a few of these around the community playground after dealing with snake issues. No more surprises for the kids!

    Color: Green x 1
  23. Charles Burke (verified owner)

    We live near a lot of woods, so deer and critters were constantly getting into our gardens until we started using a few of these solar repellers.

    Color: Green x 1
  24. Josefina Jenkins (verified owner)

    My local park installed these humane deterrents to address the excessive goose and pigeon populations. It’s made such a difference!

    Color: Green x 1
  25. Dana Stinson (verified owner)

    For dealing with anything from moles to deer, these ultrasonic repellers provide relief without resorting to harmful chemicals or traps.

    Color: Green x 1
  26. Jesus Butler (verified owner)

    My in-laws live on a farm surrounded by woods and swear by these solar repellers for keeping snakes, coyotes and deer away from livestock.

    Color: Green x 1

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