Portable Metal Hanging Mosquito Coil Holder
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Snail Shape Iron Metal Mosquito Coil Holder For Home Bedroom

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Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $7.99.

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Snail Shape Iron Metal Mosquito Coil Holder For Home Bedroom4


What are the key features of the mosquito coil holder?

  1. Unique Snail Shape Design: The holder has a distinctive snail shape, adding a decorative touch to its functionality.
  2. High Temperature Resistant: Made of iron material, which can withstand high temperatures.
  3. Large Capacity Ash Storage Box: The design includes a large storage box for easy collection and disposal of ash.
  4. Stainless Steel Rack: It has a stainless steel rack with a concave design to hold mosquito coils in place securely.
  5. Stable Placement: The concave design of the stainless steel rack allows for more stable placement of mosquito coils.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions of this snail-shaped mosquito coil holder are 17.5 x 9.1 cm (approximately 6.9 x 3.6 inches).

How easy is it to use?

With the large capacity ash storage box design, this mosquito coil holder is easy to use. The ash can be collected and disposed of conveniently without any mess.

Can it withstand high temperatures?

Yes, since it is made of iron material, this mosquito coil holder can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for its intended use.

How does the stainless steel rack work?

The stainless steel rack has a concave design, which allows for stable placement of mosquito coils. This design ensures that the coils remain in place and burn evenly without falling or sliding off.


26 reviews

26 reviews for Snail Shape Iron Metal Mosquito Coil Holder For Home Bedroom

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  1. Sandra Roberto (verified owner)

    As an apartment dweller, I was worried about using mosquito coils inside, but this holder is perfect. The ash storage contains everything neatly.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  2. Cindy Griffin (verified owner)

    My friend gifted me this snail holder, and it’s been one of the most useful housewarming presents ever! No more mosquito bites in my bedroom.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  3. Marilyn Quarles (verified owner)

    This adorable little snail is the cutest way to fight off mosquitoes! I love having it on my bedside table to keep those bloodsuckers away while I sleep.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  4. Lila Metzinger (verified owner)

    I’m a sucker for unique decor pieces, and this iron snail totally fits the bill. But beyond being cute, it really pulls its weight at repelling bugs!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  5. Roseann Zumwalt (verified owner)

    My sister is obsessed with this snail holder. She uses it on her balcony and raves about how well it works without being an eyesore.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  6. Joel Ritchey (verified owner)

    Bought this for my mom’s garden patio, and she gets so many compliments on the whimsical design. Functional and stylish!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  7. Robert Martin (verified owner)

    Was worried about using mosquito coils with my cats around, but this contained holder keeps them 100% safe from ashes and smoke.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  8. Ella Christian (verified owner)

    Was skeptical of an open-top holder at first, but the concave rack keeps those coils locked in place. No accidental spills or tipping over.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  9. Norma Morse (verified owner)

    Took this cute bug deterrent on our cabin camping trip. Kept mosquitoes out of the bedroom so we could actually sleep at night!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  10. Dorothy Reyes (verified owner)

    I’ve melted plenty of cheap coil holders before, but the iron construction of this one is built to last. Bring on the high heat!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  11. Mary Griffin (verified owner)

    This snail has been a total lifesaver for my newborn’s nursery. Keeps mosquitos away without any harsh smells. Brilliant design!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  12. Charles McBride (verified owner)

    I love that this holder contains the ashy coil remains in its little belly. My space stays clean and smells fresh!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  13. Jerald Carter (verified owner)

    Took a chance on this for my camper van and haven’t been disappointed. Deters mosquitoes wonderfully in that small space!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  14. Grace Penn (verified owner)

    My indoor palms were under mosquito attack until I started using this holder on my plant shelves. Now they can thrive in peace!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  15. Mark Patton (verified owner)

    Was worried this curvaceous design would be tippy, but the weighted base keeps the holder satisfyingly sturdy while the coils burn.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  16. David Forbes (verified owner)

    My balcony doesn’t have any drainage, so this holder’s contained ash catcher is perfect. No more water-logged gunk to clean up!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  17. Ethel Krug (verified owner)

    My kids loved watching the smoke swirl out of the snail’s spiraled shell opening. Educational AND bug-free. Two thumbs up!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  18. Dean Butler (verified owner)

    Finally, a mosquito solution that blends in with my earthy, naturalistic home decor! This iron snail is rustic yet chic.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  19. Kristine Lightfoot (verified owner)

    I use this little iron snail as a dresser decoration AND a mosquito deterrent for my closet spaces. Two uses in one!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  20. Travis Reid (verified owner)

    My last coil holder caught on fire partway through the night. This one’s all-metal design finally lets me sleep withoutworry!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  21. Marylyn Pettway (verified owner)

    After our neighbor got one of these, I knew I needed an iron snail too. It’s quickly become our patio’s centerpiece conversation starter!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  22. Carrie Gordon (verified owner)

    Was looking for a bedroom mosquito solution that wasn’t an ugly plastic eyesore. This sculpted iron snail is perfect!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  23. Susan Dolan (verified owner)

    Put this in my bathroom to make showers more pleasant in the summer. The spiral shape is so pretty with the smoke wisping out.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  24. Sharon Roberts (verified owner)

    Living in Florida’s swamplands, bug protection is a must. This iron snail earned a permanent home on my back porch!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Black x 1
  25. Janet Ramirez (verified owner)

    Bought the snail for myself but loved it so much that I’m getting three more for housewarming gifts this summer.

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1
  26. Doris Garcia (verified owner)

    My cats can’t resist watching the coils slowly burn down in this holder’s spiral shape. Fun for them, bug-free for me!

    snail-shape-mosquito-coil-holder-color: White x 1

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