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Self Catching Reusable Humane Small Live Animal Traps

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Self Catching Reusable Humane Small Live Animal Traps 3

Self Catching Reusable Humane Small Live Animal Traps 4


Q: What type of mice or rodents can this catcher trap?

A: This mouse catcher is designed to trap small, young mice effectively. It may not be suitable for catching larger rats or rodents.

Q: How does the mouse catcher work?

A: This is a self-catching or automatic mouse trap. Once a mouse enters the trap and triggers the mechanism, the door will close automatically, trapping the mouse inside.

Q: What materials is the trap made of?

A: The mouse catcher is crafted from galvanized steel plates, making it durable and sturdy for extended use.

Q: Can the trap be reused?

A: Yes, this mouse catcher is designed to be reusable. After catching a mouse, you can release or dispose of it and reset the trap for future use.

Q: What is the purpose of the protective cover?

A: The protective cover helps prevent the trapped mouse from being accidentally released or tampered with. It also makes the trap suitable for use in areas like granaries or workshops, where the trap may be at risk of being compressed or squeezed.

Q: How do I set up and use the trap?

A: Setting up the trap is generally straightforward. You’ll need to place bait inside the trap to lure the mice and position it in areas where you’ve noticed mouse activity or entry points.

Q: How do I release or dispose of a trapped mouse?

A: Once a mouse is trapped, you can carefully remove the protective cover and release the mouse in a suitable location away from your property, or humanely dispose of it according to local regulations.

Q: Is the trap safe to use around children or pets?

A: While the trap is designed to be safe with the protective cover, it’s generally recommended to keep any mouse or rodent traps out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental tampering or injury.


16 reviews

16 reviews for Self Catching Reusable Humane Small Live Animal Traps

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  1. Polly Lawson (verified owner)

    As someone who’s terrified of mice, this humane trap has been a godsend. It catches them quickly, and I can just walk away without having to see or touch the little critters!

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  2. Carol Stephens (verified owner)

    This little trap is a total lifesaver! We had a mouse problem in our pantry, but this catcher has been catching them left and right without having to deal with gross snap traps or poisons.

    1 product
  3. Wanda Carter (verified owner)

    We tried those sticky traps and they were just cruel and messy. This automatic catcher is so much better – traps the mice unharmed so we can release them outside.

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  4. Michael Leyva (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical about how effective an automatic trap would be, but this thing really works! Has caught at least half a dozen mice that were getting into our garage.

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  5. Leah Woody (verified owner)

    I know I should just release them outside, but there’s something hugely satisfying about seeing a mouse trapped in this little cage, haha. Finally taking back control of my kitchen!

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  6. Eve Gary (verified owner)

    For the price, this steel mouse trap is an absolute steal. Durable, humane, and has earned its keep around our barn by catching all those field mice trying to get in.

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  7. Jennifer Rodriguez (verified owner)

    As a mom, I didn’t want those gross snap traps or poison around that could harm my kids. This catcher is the perfect safe solution to our mouse problem.

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  8. William Maxwell (verified owner)

    Between the garage, shed, and even inside the house, these reusable traps have been essential for catching all the mice trying to make themselves at home!

    1 product
  9. Millie Mazurek (verified owner)

    My cats were starting to hunt and play with the mice getting in, which I really didn’t want. These traps have allowed me to get rid of them in a much safer way.

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  10. Rachel Pollard (verified owner)

    For an automatic trap, I was really impressed by how simple the setup is. Just add some bait and it gets to work catching those pesky mice right away.

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  11. Elias Gunter (verified owner)

    I was getting pretty grossed out having to clean up dead mouse carcasses. This trap lets me release them outside without having to touch them – such a relief!

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  12. Josephine Yong (verified owner)

    We have a rental property that kept getting mouse issues, but didn’t want to risk poison. This sturdy trap has been perfect for humanely catching them between tenants.

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  13. Laura Ferguson (verified owner)

    For such an affordable trap, I’m really impressed by how well-constructed and durable this steel catcher is. Definitely worth the investment to get rid of rodents.

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  14. Clarice Newman (verified owner)

    My kids love getting to check the traps to see if we’ve caught any ‘mouse guests.’ Then we can release them far away without dealing with the gross part.

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  15. Wendy Welton (verified owner)

    My husband couldn’t believe how many mice this little trap was catching in our shed! We’d tried other methods before but this one finally got the job done.

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  16. Michael Hoffman (verified owner)

    I work the night shift, so checking these traps in the morning to see what I’ve caught is kinda fun. Way more effective than those jalopy wood traps!

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