Reusable Smart Pest Control Humane Small Live Animal Traps

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Q: What type of pests can this trap catch?

A: This trap is designed to catch mice, rats, and other small rodents alive, without killing them. It is an effective live mouse and rodent trap.

Q: How does the trap work?

A: The trap uses an innovative and revolutionary mechanism to catch mice and rats. When a rodent enters the trap, it triggers the mechanism, and the door closes, trapping the animal inside safely.

Q: What is the trap made of?

A: The trap is made of ABS plastic material, which is durable and long-lasting.

Q: Can the trap be reused?

A: Yes, this is a reusable trap. After catching a rodent, you can release it safely away from your property and reset the trap for future use.

Q: Is the trap safe to use around children and pets?

A: While the trap is designed to catch rodents alive and without harming them, it’s generally recommended to keep any rodent traps away from children and pets to prevent accidental tampering or injury.

Q: How do I set up the trap?

A: Setting up the trap typically involves placing bait inside the trap to lure the rodents. You’ll need to position the trap in areas where you’ve noticed rodent activity or entry points.

Q: How do I release a trapped rodent?

A: Once a rodent is trapped, you can carefully transport the entire trap to a release location away from your home or property. The trap has a release mechanism that allows you to safely open the door and let the rodent out without harming it.

Q: What are the dimensions of the trap?

A: The trap measures approximately 6 cm x 6.5 cm x 27 cm, which should be suitable for catching mice and other small rodents comfortably.

Q: Can this trap be used outdoors?

A: Yes, most live rodent traps like this one can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing versatility in pest control around your home or property.


26 reviews

26 reviews for Reusable Smart Pest Control Humane Small Live Animal Traps

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  1. Max Preston (verified owner)

    This humane trap was an absolute lifesaver when we had a mouse problem in our apartment! It caught them quickly without killing them, so I could just release them outside.

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  2. Charles Romero (verified owner)

    We tried all the old-fashioned methods – sticky boards, wooden traps, you name it. But this modern trap is finally humane and incredibly effective at catching mice.

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  3. Teresa Cronin (verified owner)

    As a mom, I didn’t want those cruel snap traps or poisons around that could potentially harm my kids. This live trap catches rodents safely so we can relocate them.

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  4. James Lira (verified owner)

    I was pretty skeptical that a simple plastic trap could actually catch rats and mice, but this little thing really works! Has cleared out our garage and shed.

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  5. Joan Colburn (verified owner)

    As someone who is low-key terrified of rodents, this humane trap lets me get rid of them without having to go anywhere near the little critters after they’re caught.

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  6. Sue Terrill (verified owner)

    Between our house, garage and yard, these traps have been essential for catching all the mice and rats trying to invade. Reusable and works like a charm!

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  7. Karen Collins (verified owner)

    For such an affordable price, this durable trap is an absolute steal. Catches rodents quickly while aligning with my values of not wanting to kill them needlessly.

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  8. Ophelia Dunn (verified owner)

    I know I’m probably weird, but there’s something so satisfying about checking this trap and seeing a mouse helplessly trapped inside, haha. No more droppings!

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  9. Michael Woodard (verified owner)

    I was getting pretty grossed out by having to sweep up dead rodents from other inhumane traps. This one catches them alive so I can release them sans-carnage!

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  10. Agnes Fears (verified owner)

    We keep a bunch of these set up year-round in the garage, shed, basement – you name it. They work amazingly for catching whatever critters come slinking around.

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  11. Anna Nord (verified owner)

    My cat started hunting the mice getting into our place, which I really didn’t want. This trap has been perfect for safely removing them without endangering my pet.

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  12. Mark Watford (verified owner)

    We have a rental property that kept having mouse problems, but didn’t want poison around. This humane trap catches them to relocate between tenants.

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  13. Alberta Vincent (verified owner)

    For an affordable plastic trap, I’m seriously impressed by how well-built and sturdy this is. No janky-ness, just catches rodents effectively and humanely.

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  14. Jennifer Rider (verified owner)

    My husband couldn’t believe how many mice this tiny trap managed to catch in just a couple nights! We’d wasted so much time and money on other methods.

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  15. Brittany Hodgdon (verified owner)

    I kinda look forward to checking this trap every morning to see if I’ve caught any ‘overnight guests.’ Quick way to get my rodent-killing kicks without killing!

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  16. Arthur Gable (verified owner)

    My indoor cats were starting to hunt the mice getting in, so these live traps have allowed me to remove the rodents without endangering my fur babies.

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  17. Christopher Roberts (verified owner)

    For how dead-simple this trap is, I’m constantly blown away by its ability to effectively catch every mouse or rat that wanders in. No special tricks required!

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  18. Nannie Allen (verified owner)

    Between the basement, attic and garage, I feel like I’m constantly setting up these traps. But they’re so effective, I don’t even mind! Catches any rodents trying to move in.

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  19. Christopher Hill (verified owner)

    We have a major rat problem around our chicken coop, and this humane trap has been a genius solution for clearing them out without harming our egg-laying ladies.

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  20. Angela Allen (verified owner)

    My kids love when we catch a new ‘friend’ in the trap! Then we can relocate it far away without any trauma or mess for them.

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  21. Maryann Harvey (verified owner)

    Wished I’d made the switch to these awesome live traps years ago instead of wasting time and money on cheapo kill traps that never worked well.

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  22. Jeffery Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Poison just wasn’t cutting it for our rodent infestation anymore. So glad I made the switch to these ethically-minded live traps – they actually get the job done!

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  23. Kristin Merritt (verified owner)

    Much better than having to deal with smelly, rotting rodent bodies! This humane trap lets me get rid of pests while still keeping my conscience clear.

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  24. Ada Klingensmith (verified owner)

    Took me a couple tries to get the baiting right, but once I did, this little trap caught chipmunks and mice left and right to safely release later.

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  25. Rodney Morris (verified owner)

    Finally, an ethical mousetrap solution that is deceptively simple but remarkably effective! No killing required, just catch and safely release.

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  26. Patricia Stricker (verified owner)

    I’ve been recommending these reusable traps to everyone I know. The humane way to get rid of rodents costs less than exterminators and doesn’t risk poisoning.

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