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Portable USB Indoor Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

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Original price was: $12.99.Current price is: $9.99.

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Portable USB Indoor Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller3


What is the purpose of this product?

This product is a portable USB ultrasonic repeller designed to deter various pests like mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and mice from indoor areas. It uses ultrasonic technology to create waves that are effective in repelling these unwanted pests.

How does the ultrasonic repelling feature work?

The ultrasonic repeller utilizes biomimetic waves, which are based on the latest advancements in ultrasonic technology. These waves are effective in repelling various pests such as mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and mice.

What is the coverage area of the repeller?

The repeller has a 360° coverage area of up to 20-40 square meters (215-430 square feet).

Is it safe for humans and pets?

Yes, the ultrasonic repeller is described as non-toxic, significantly safe, and harmless for kids, pregnant women, and pets. It does not use any poisonous substances, making it a pet-friendly and eco-friendly option.

What are the specifications?

The repeller is made of ABS material and is available in black or white color options. Its approximate size is 55x42x19mm (2.17×1.65×0.75 inches).

What is included in the package?

The package includes 1 USB ultrasonic repeller.


17 reviews

17 reviews for Portable USB Indoor Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

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  1. George Westman (verified owner)

    This little USB repeller is a modern-day miracle worker! No more dealing with toxic sprays or unsightly traps – just smart ultrasonic waves to evict those unwanted creepy crawlies.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  2. Edward Kirk (verified owner)

    I was at my wits’ end with the recent influx of spiders until I plugged in this repeller. Within days, it was like they all got the message and vamoosed! Adiós, eight-legged invaders.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  3. Frances Tapia (verified owner)

    As someone with a crippling phobia of roaches, this device has been a life-changing discovery. I can finally relax knowing my humble abode is an impenetrable force field against those vile pests.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  4. Jeffrey Whiting (verified owner)

    The utmost in convenience and portability! I just move my trusty sonic repeller with me wherever I’m camped out studying or working to maintain a pest-free bubble.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  5. Thomas Graham (verified owner)

    There’s something immensely satisfying about this near-silent boundary enforcement tool. Just tiny speakers waging sonic warfare against the vermin trying to overstay their welcome.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  6. Sarah Bakke (verified owner)

    With its compact size and USB operation, I can even bring this repeller on trips to keep hotel rooms clear of any six-legged cohabitants. The ultimate travel companion!

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  7. Byron Thompson (verified owner)

    My cat stares at this device so intently, I like to think the undetectable ultrasound puts on a daily concert just for his superior ears to vibe to – while clearing out mice, of course.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  8. David Gurley (verified owner)

    Was a hardline “de-bugging by insecticide spray” guy until the toxicity risks gave me pause. This ultrasonic repeller offered the chemical-free solution I needed.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  9. Barbara Higgins (verified owner)

    Between those stray neighborhood cats and pesky flies, my patio was a no-go zone. Two of these little repellers later, and it’s a peaceful oasis reclaimed!

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  10. Luis Fiore (verified owner)

    For such an affordable price, I was able to snag a few repellers to blanket my home’s most pest-prone corners. No more surprise roommates for this gal!

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  11. Frances Woodard (verified owner)

    I almost pity the hordes of mosquitoes that sense a blood buffet inside, only to be driven back into oblivion by the nanobyte sonic twerks of my trusted repeller.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  12. Robert Weaver (verified owner)

    My indoor gardening pursuits were constantly thwarted by fungus gnats until I found this USB repeller. Now my plants and I can coexist in pest-free harmony.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  13. John Massingill (verified owner)

    After weeks of fruitless DIY homemade remedies failing, I nearly gave up on getting rid of bed bugs until discovering these game-changing sonic waves.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  14. Steven Kulik (verified owner)

    Talk about dual purpose – not only did this device shush every pest in my home, but it also filters out any unwanted high-frequency noises for more peaceful living!

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  15. Edward Goss (verified owner)

    There’s something deeply cathartic about the simple act of plugging this in each night before bed and knowing it’s diligently working to purge all vile home invaders.

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1
  16. Adam Shearer (verified owner)

    My skeptic husband swore ultrasonic repellers were snake oil…until this USB guy cleared our entire ant problem practically overnight. He’s a believer now!

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: Black x 1
  17. Deborah McKinney (verified owner)

    Was worried the sonic output would freak out my dogs, but they don’t even seem to perceive the waves. Just me, serenely repelling pests with science!

    portable-usb-indoor-ultrasonic-pest-control-repeller-color: White x 1

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