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Portable Three-layer Safety Bug Zapper Racket

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Item Size: Approx. 44.3*15.8cm*2.6cm / 17.4*6.2*1in

Portable Three-layer Safety Bug Zapper Racket 3

Portable Three-layer Safety Bug Zapper Racket 4





What is the three-layer net design?

The bug zapper racket features a three-layer net design for added safety. The outer and inner layers act as protective nets, while the middle layer is the high-voltage working grid that delivers the electric shock to insects.

How does the zapper work?

The zapper racket generates a powerful electric shock through its high-voltage grid. Simply press the button and swing the racket towards any flying insects. When the insect touches the middle grid, it will be instantly zapped and eliminated.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the three-layer net design and protective outer layers help ensure safe operation. However, it’s still important to exercise caution and keep the zapper away from children and pets during use.

What are the advantages over traditional methods?

Unlike chemical insecticides or repellents, the bug zapper doesn’t produce any toxic smells or fumes, making it a more environmentally friendly and healthier option for indoor use.

Where can I use the bug zapper?

The portable and lightweight design of the bug zapper allows you to use it conveniently in various indoor settings, such as kitchens, homes, or around outdoor areas like barbecue grills, where flying insects may be present.

How is it powered?

The bug zapper racket is battery-powered, which makes it portable and easy to use without the need for cords or outlets. However, the specific battery type and runtime are not mentioned in the description provided.

Is it easy to handle and maneuver?

Yes, the zapper racket features an easy-to-grip handle and is lightweight, ensuring comfortable and effortless use when swinging and maneuvering it towards flying insects.


19 reviews

19 reviews for Portable Three-layer Safety Bug Zapper Racket

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  1. Samuel Lewandowski (verified owner)

    This zapper takes insect elimination to a new level of fun and satisfaction! I feel like an intergalactic bounty hunter taking down pesky flies with each electrifying swing.

    Color: Yellow x 1
  2. Robbie Terhune (verified owner)

    No more jumpy dance moves to avoid mosquitoes at my backyard BBQs. Now I’m the one putting on a show, zapping those blood-suckers out of the air left and right. Electric bug batting practice!

    Color: Yellow x 1
  3. Paul Richardson (verified owner)

    The three layers make me feel so much safer zapping around my kids compared to those exposed metal grid zappers. This one has an elegant, thoughtful design.

    Color: Blue x 1
  4. Leslie Yi (verified owner)

    Compact and portable, yet with the powerful zap of a full-sized bug racket. I can take my insect slaying skills anywhere – picnics, camping, you name it!

    Color: Yellow x 1
  5. Jeannette Tucci (verified owner)

    There’s just something so satisfying about the buzz and flash when you nail a fly mid-flight. Equal parts terror and awe from the bug’s perspective, I’m sure!

    Color: Yellow x 1
  6. Cori Ricardo (verified owner)

    Goodbye mosquito bites, hello peaceful summer nights! This zap racket has finally freed me from slathering on smelly repellent just to sit outdoors.

    Color: Blue x 1
  7. Edyth Miller (verified owner)

    Got this for my elderly father and he’s loving his new hobby – competitive fly zapping! Surprisingly great coordination exercise and aviator reaction training.

    Color: Yellow x 1
  8. Georgia Ybarra (verified owner)

    Took down an entire swarm of gnats plaguing my kitchen in one methodic, continual swing of electrically-charged justice. Fear my mighty zapamania!

    Color: Yellow x 1
  9. Jose Jackson (verified owner)

    My cat has a new circus performance to watch through the window – me frantically zapping any and all bugs that stray into the patio area. He’s very entertained.

    Color: Blue x 1
  10. Christopher Moses (verified owner)

    Didn’t realize how anxious bugs made me until getting this racket and zapping them into oblivion became so casual and cathartic. Finally zen!

    Color: Yellow x 1
  11. Marjorie Ramsey (verified owner)

    The portable size is so clutch. I can zap invaders in every room, then easily store it out of kids’ reach when done with my daily pest control mission.

    Color: Blue x 1
  12. Max Henderson (verified owner)

    Caught a moth doing laps around my bedroom and was able to humanely (at least for me) take it out in one electrifying shot without smashing anything.

    Color: Yellow x 1
  13. Logan Wilson (verified owner)

    My adrenaline was certainly pumping the first time I tracked and zapped a speedy fly out of mid-air. Got the swing down after a few misses though!

    Color: Blue x 1
  14. Janet Chavez (verified owner)

    The safe triple-layer design means no more worrying about kids or pets accidentally touching exposed “business ends” like old zappers. Peace of mind achieved.

    Color: Blue x 1
  15. Mary Orourke (verified owner)

    I get such evil satisfaction watching a bug frantically try to flee, only to meet its crispy fried demise at the end of my electrified executioner racket.

    Color: Blue x 1
  16. Elton Conner (verified owner)

    Hunting season is now officially open year-round at my house for all airborne arthropod invaders. The zapper puts their vindictive little souls to rest.

    Color: Blue x 1
  17. Ashley Martin (verified owner)

    Was wary of another gimmicky bug product until I felt the incredible zapping power this lil racket packs. Insects don’t stand a chance!

    Color: Yellow x 1
  18. Arleen Mauldin (verified owner)

    Finally taking the fight to mosquitoes instead of just lazily fending off their assaults with repellents and scratching. The hunt is on with my zapper!

    Color: Blue x 1
  19. Daniel Heath (verified owner)

    The soft blue light it casts while charging is perfectly serene…until I swing it through the air with hellish electric vengeance towards any bugs!

    Color: Blue x 1

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