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Snail Shape Iron Metal Mosquito Coil Holder For Home Bedroom
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Portable Metal Hanging Mosquito Coil Holder

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What is this product?

This product is a Mosquito Coil Holder, designed to hold and burn mosquito coils or refills. It is made of metal material and has a serrated shape with a hollow design to allow smoke to spread efficiently.

How does it work?

You can place a mosquito coil or refill inside the holder, either hanging it or placing it flat. Once lit, the coil will burn for 5-7 hours, and the smoke will spread through the holes in the holder. When the coil burns out, you can open the tin cover and dump the remaining ashes from the bottom tray.

What are the key features?

  1. Hangable or Placeable: The holder can be hung up or placed flat.
  2. Serrated Design: Allows better air contact for efficient burning.
  3. Easy to Use: Simple to open, place the coil, and dispose of ashes.
  4. Spring Buckle: More convenient to carry around.
  5. Durable Material: Made of quality metal, heat-safe, and resistant to deformation or rust.

Where can it be used?

This mosquito coil holder can be used at home, in libraries, hotels, offices, or even when camping outdoors. Its portable design makes it convenient to use in various settings.

What are the dimensions and weight?

The dimensions are approximately 14.5cm x 2.5cm (about 5.7 inches x 1 inch), and the weight is around 110g (3.9 ounces).

Are there any notes or precautions?

  1. There may be a 1-3mm (0.04-0.12 inch) error due to manual measurement.
  2. The actual color may differ slightly from the product image due to monitor differences.


19 reviews

19 reviews for Portable Metal Hanging Mosquito Coil Holder

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  1. Doyle Law (verified owner)

    As a renter, I love that this coil holder can be hung up or just placed on a table. No more asking for permission to make holes for mounting!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  2. Miguel Ramirez (verified owner)

    This little metal holder is a camping must-have! We hung it up around our campsite, and it kept mosquitoes far away while we enjoyed the fire pit. Portable and genius.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  3. John Shultz (verified owner)

    I was so tired of those ugly tiki torch things and coil holders that look like ashtrays. This sleek metal design actually complements my patio decor!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  4. Anthony Brown (verified owner)

    My parents got this for me since my apartment neighbors have really aggressive mosquitoes. It’s been a lifesaver to hang by the door when I come and go.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  5. Walter Richardson (verified owner)

    The serrated shape is so smart! I can really see the coil burning more efficiently compared to those closed metal cage holders I’ve used before.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  6. Jeanne Leong

    Simple but effective. This little guy lets me sit on my balcony mosquito-free without any harsh chemicals or sprays.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  7. Dorothy Sheckler (verified owner)

    Bought a few of these metal holders to keep at the office and they’ve helped make our outdoor lunch meets a lot more pleasant this summer.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  8. Tandra Cortez (verified owner)

    Took this camping and hung it over our tent’s vestibule to create a nice little force-field against bugs. Worked like a charm all weekend!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  9. Lisa Miranda (verified owner)

    I love how easy it is to dump the ashes out after each use. My old coil holders always made such a mess as the coil burned down.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  10. Peter Ryder (verified owner)

    My neighbors kept asking where I got this cool-looking hanging mosquito coil holder. Industrial chic AND it gets the job done.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  11. Harvey Ramirez (verified owner)

    The spring buckle makes grabbing this to take to different areas of my yard so easy. Much better than juggling a hot metal holder!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  12. Ken Desrochers (verified owner)

    Bought these for outdoorsy friends as housewarming gifts. Perfect for their patios and camping adventures. They loved the versatility.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  13. Eva Barna (verified owner)

    Added one of these metal holders to my survival/bugout bag. Its small size takes up minimal space but it’s such a handy mosquito deterrent.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  14. Larry Oakes (verified owner)

    Between the durable construction and smart ventilated design, this lasted me all summer without any issues. Planning to buy another for next year!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  15. Dana Rodriquez (verified owner)

    I fix up run-down homes, and these mosquito coil holders are perfect for testing smoke ventilation in garages, crawl spaces, etc. Affordable and multi-use.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  16. Dane Toothaker (verified owner)

    My kids are obsessed with lighting these coils and watching the smoke escape through the serrated holes. Fun camping activity and keeps bugs away!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  17. Johnny Huskey (verified owner)

    My mom struggles with mosquitoes triggering her allergies, so I got her a couple of these safe metal holders for her patio. She loves them!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1
  18. Ted Hathaway (verified owner)

    Living in Florida, good mosquito protection is a must. I’ve got one of these metal holders for my porch, patio, and even the pool area.

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Gold x 1
  19. Carolyn Fernandez (verified owner)

    Was frustrated with messy repellent mats catching fire. These self-contained holders are so clean and easy. Cool industrial look too!

    hanging-mosquito-coil-holder-color: Silver x 1

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