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Reusable Smart Pest Control Humane Small Live Animal Traps
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Plastic Automatic Environmental Safety Humane Small Live Animal Traps

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Q: What kind of pests can this trap catch?

A: This trap is designed to catch mice and other small rodents like rats. It is an automatic, live trap that captures the pests without killing them.

Q: How does the trap work?

A: The trap is highly sensitive. When a mouse or rodent enters and triggers the mechanism, the door will close automatically, trapping the pest inside the cage. This allows for live capture without harming the animal.

Q: Is this trap safe and non-toxic?

A: Yes, this is an environmentally safe and non-toxic mouse trap. It does not use any harmful chemicals or poisons, making it a safer option, especially if you have children or pets in your home.

Q: Can the trap be reused?

A: Yes, this plastic mouse trap is reusable. After catching a rodent, you can release it safely away from your property and reset the trap for future use.

Q: How do I set up the trap?

A: Setting up the trap typically involves placing bait inside the cage to lure the rodents. Then, you position the trap in areas where you’ve noticed rodent activity or entry points.

Q: How do I release or dispose of a trapped rodent?

A: Once a rodent is trapped, you can carefully transport the entire cage to a release location away from your home or property. The trap has a release mechanism that allows you to safely open the door and let the rodent out without harming it.

Q: Is the trap suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

A: Most live mouse traps like this one can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them versatile for catching rodents in various areas around your home or property.


15 reviews

15 reviews for Plastic Automatic Environmental Safety Humane Small Live Animal Traps

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  1. Ira Smith (verified owner)

    We had mice getting into our pantry and making a mess of everything. A couple nights with these traps set up, and we caught all the little intruders! So satisfying checking them and seeing the culprits trapped.

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  2. Byron Yates (verified owner)

    As a pet owner, I refused to use those inhumane glue or snap traps. This live catch option is perfect – traps mice without harming them so I can release them outside away from my furry friends.

    1 product
  3. Mary Preece (verified owner)

    I run a humane animal rescue, so these are the only traps I’ll use for rodent issues. Catches them every time without causing any injuries. Allows us to safely relocate them.

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  4. Paul Lane (verified owner)

    Kind of fun checking the traps and taunting the captured mice before I take them outside and set them free, haha. Way better than nasty old-school methods!

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  5. Martin Burns (verified owner)

    My kids were getting scared by the mice in our garage. But these traps let us catch and release them humanely, which helped ease their minds a lot. Pretty cool for them to watch the process too!

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  6. Benjamin Skinner (verified owner)

    This humane trap was a total game-changer for dealing with our mouse issues! Instead of nasty poisons or cruel snap traps, it just catches them unharmed so I can release them elsewhere. No more dead mouse smells!

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  7. Danny Abercrombie (verified owner)

    For the price, these plastic traps are an absolute steal! Catches mice like crazy, but costs way less than an exterminator. And I can reuse them over and over.

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  8. Pedro Trevino (verified owner)

    We tried SO many methods – poison, zappers, you name it. These simple live traps are finally effective at catching the rats and mice without all the cruelty and mess.

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  9. Tina Bissonette (verified owner)

    For the low price and reusable design, I’m really impressed by how durable and effective these simple traps are. Well worth the cost to catch without killing.

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  10. Michael Bohner (verified owner)

    There’s something weirdly satisfying about checking these traps to see what you’ve caught! But at least I can release them without guilt instead of killing them.

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  11. James Wilson (verified owner)

    We have pets and these traps were the perfect solution to our mouse problem without endangering our fur babies. They catch the mice so we can remove them safely.

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  12. Norma Weaver (verified owner)

    As someone who hates actual rodent killing, these traps have been a total blessing. I can get rid of mice from my home without having to deal with their dead bodies.

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  13. Jose Chancellor (verified owner)

    My kids actually look forward to checking the ‘mouse hotel’ as they call it. Helps remove some of the fear and stigma around having rodents get in.

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  14. Armando Rahman (verified owner)

    We keep a bunch of these set up in the garage, shed, even some corners of the house, and they’ve saved us from so many potential rodent infestations!

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  15. William Roberge (verified owner)

    My mom freaks out over traditional snap traps, so I got these humane cages for her house. She loves that they just catch mice to release later without any cruelty.

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