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Orchard Farm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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The solar panels: 5V/60mAh polysilicon solar panels

Charging way: Solar charge /DC charge

Charging time: Solar charging 8-10 hours /DC charging <1 hour

Work hours: Induction will start working in about 30 seconds

Alarm sound: 100 db (a)

Battery parameters 3.7 V / 800 mah / 14500 lithium batteries

Orchard Farm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller 3


What are the different modes of operation?

This outdoor alarm light comes with three modes:

  1. 24-hour flashing mode with sound alarm
  2. Night detection light mode
  3. Sound and alarm mode

How is it powered?

This strobe light features solar energy rechargeable. You need to turn on the switch and then place the lamp under sunlight for 8-10 hours of charging. A full charge can achieve 30 hours of working time, making it convenient and energy-efficient.

Is it weatherproof?

Yes, it is easy to install and waterproof. The sound security siren comes with IP65 waterproof performance and screw-mounting, making it suitable for any weather and outdoor environment.

How does it detect animals?

The strobe light with intelligent motion recognition will not trigger the alarm if it detects pets under 25kg.

Where can it be used?

This device has a wide range of applications and is suitable for farms, villas, orchards, tea gardens, factories, warehouses, and more.


15 reviews

15 reviews for Orchard Farm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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  1. James Hinton (verified owner)

    This little solar alarm light is such a versatile security solution! I’ve used it at my remote cabin, on camping trips, and even in my backyard at home to deter prowlers.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  2. Angela Grady (verified owner)

    As someone with a huge phobia of snakes, having this motion-activated alarm around my garden and pool area gives me so much peace of mind. That 100db siren will scare anything away!

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  3. Jessica Wick (verified owner)

    We installed a few of these around our family vineyard after dealing with way too many deer and critters getting into the grapes. That flashing strobe really spooks them.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  4. Deana Brehm (verified owner)

    I love that I can choose between the 24/7 alarm mode or just having it activate at night when I’m sleeping. Really helps deter any late-night suspicious activity.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  5. Theresa Puente (verified owner)

    For an affordable, solar-powered security option, you can’t beat this strobe alarm! I’ve placed them all around the perimeter of my rural property.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  6. John Noel (verified owner)

    My elderly neighbors struggled with people trespassing and kids vandalizing their shed until I gifted them a couple of these. That siren does the trick!

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  7. Tammie Corona (verified owner)

    We have horses, so installed these motion sensor alarms to create a perimeter around their pastures and barn to keep away coyotes or potential thieves.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  8. Raul Churchill (verified owner)

    As someone who works odd hours, these solar security lights make me feel so much safer coming and going from my car at night if anything is lurking around.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  9. Aura Bakos (verified owner)

    The fact that it’s waterproof makes this ideal for securing my boat shed and dock area from any unwanted nighttime visitors while I’m away.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  10. Joseph Enright (verified owner)

    We’ve had major issues with raccoons and skunks in our neighborhood, so our community watch all chipped in to place these deterrent lights on each street.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  11. Charles Jacobs (verified owner)

    For securing remote campsites, RV sites or just your tent from bears and critters, nothing beats an affordable solar option like this with its motion-sensing alarm.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1
  12. Samuel Reichard (verified owner)

    I’m an avid hiker, so I’ll sometimes take one of these along and stake it near my campsite just for that added bear protection while I’m asleep in the tent!

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  13. Elizabeth Everette (verified owner)

    Installed a couple around our community garden plots after dealing with vandals and people looting gardeners’ crops overnight. That strobe is startling!

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  14. Jennifer Manchester (verified owner)

    My construction company uses these solar-powered alarms to secure job sites overnight and prevent theft or trespassing. The siren is incredibly loud.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Red x 1
  15. Luis Cazares (verified owner)

    I run a farm store and these motion lamps with their bright strobes are awesome for scaring off any would-be burglars from even approaching at night.

    orchard-farm-ultrasonic-solar-animal-repeller-color: Black x 1

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