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Nordic Home Outdoor Indoor Decorative Iron Mosquito Coil Holder

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Nordic Home Outdoor Indoor Decorative Iron Mosquito Coil Holder4


What is this product?

This product is a decorative iron mosquito coil holder that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to hold and burn mosquito coils, helping to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

What spaces is it suitable for?

The mosquito coil holder is applicable for use in living rooms and garages, making it versatile for indoor and outdoor spaces where you want to deter insects.

What is the design style?

This mosquito coil holder has a Nordic design style, which typically features clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on natural materials like iron.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, this product is described as eco-friendly, likely due to its natural iron construction and intended use for mosquito coils rather than harsher chemical insecticides.

How many tiers does it have?

The mosquito coil holder has a single tier, providing a simple and streamlined design for holding mosquito coils.

Where should it be installed?

This mosquito coil holder is designed for floor installation, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use on patios, decks, or in living spaces.

What material is it made of?

The mosquito coil holder is constructed from metal, specifically iron, which gives it a durable and sturdy construction.

Is assembly required?

Based on the information provided, it seems that this is a non-folding rack, which likely means no assembly is required, and it can be used straight out of the packaging.


16 reviews

16 reviews for Nordic Home Outdoor Indoor Decorative Iron Mosquito Coil Holder

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  1. Jamal Leith (verified owner)

    This mosquito coil holder is the perfect addition to my minimalist patio! The sleek iron design fits right in with my Nordic decor style. No more ugly plastic holders – this one is a real stunner!

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  2. Oscar Ceniceros (verified owner)

    At first I was worried this would look too industrial for my living room, but the simple lines give it a modern yet warm vibe. Holds the coils nicely and the iron seems very well-made.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  3. Bao Price (verified owner)

    I was looking for an eco-friendly way to keep mosquitoes away without harsh chemicals. These coils paired with this gorgeous iron holder do the trick! My kids can play outside without getting eaten alive.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  4. James Boston (verified owner)

    Loved not having to deal with any assembly on this! Just took it out of the box and it was ready to go on my deck. The iron has a beautiful natural finish too.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: A x 1
  5. Kevin Smith (verified owner)

    Finally, a mosquito solution that looks good inside AND out. I use this coil holder in my garage and living room. It’s so versatile!

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  6. Doyle King (verified owner)

    My only regret is not finding this holder sooner! That rustic yet modern style is just my vibe. Keeps mosquitoes away without making my patio look junky.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: A x 1
  7. Princess Gardner (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure about an iron holder at first, but it’s actually perfect. Doesn’t get dangerously hot but still keeps the coils burning well. Such a classy piece too!

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  8. Angel Hudson (verified owner)

    I’m all about that Nordic minimalism in my house, and this coil holder fits right in. Having it by the patio door means no more buggies getting inside!

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: A x 1
  9. Kenneth Rhem (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my indoor sunroom since I hate sprays and it works like a charm! Sleek design lets it blend right into the decor. No weird smells either.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: A x 1
  10. Robert Mitchell (verified owner)

    Love that this product is low maintenance but high style. Just pop in a new coil when needed. The rack is heavy and sturdy too so no tipping over.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  11. Laura Wilson (verified owner)

    Finally, an outdoor mosquito solution that actually looks GOOD for a change! This rustic iron holder classes up my whole patio area.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  12. Delores Cortez (verified owner)

    So happy I can use this in the living room and not worry about it being an eyesore. Blends in with my eclectic boho decor thanks to the natural materials.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  13. Wilbert Davis (verified owner)

    My new go-to housewarming gift! This has saved many a backyard BBQ from being swarmed by mosquitoes. Stylish and functional.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: A x 1
  14. Claire Vazquez (verified owner)

    At first I thought this would be too simple, but sometimes less is more. Loving the clean lines and no-fuss design of this coil holder.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  15. William Henry (verified owner)

    Ordered a few of these for my raw home retail space to create a cozy ambiance. The holder is incredibly sturdy and the coils keep bugs away from customers.

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: B x 1
  16. Elizabeth Crum (verified owner)

    Sleek, Scandinavian style with eco-friendly nature protection? Yes please! This coil holder is the whole package. Mosquitoes be gone!

    nordic-iron-mosquito-coil-holder-color: A x 1

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