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IP65 Waterproof Motion Alarm Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller
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Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof 129dB Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof 129dB Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller1

How loud is the siren/alarm sound?

This motion sensor alarm is capable of producing a loud 129-decibel sound, which is enough to startle and deter unwanted intruders or animals from approaching the area.

How does the voice customization feature work?

The alarm allows you to customize the voice/sound it plays when triggered. You can record any sound or voice message of up to 20 seconds, which the alarm will then play back twice upon detection of motion.

What are the power options for this alarm?

This alarm is designed with multiple power options. It includes a solar panel for charging the built-in battery via sunlight. Additionally, it can be charged via a USB port as a backup when there is insufficient sunlight.

How far can the motion sensor detect movement?

The motion sensor on this alarm has a detection range of approximately 5-8 meters (16-26 feet). However, the exact range may vary depending on factors such as temperature and environmental conditions.

Is the alarm waterproof for outdoor use?

Yes, this motion sensor alarm has an IP55 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

How do I control or adjust the alarm settings?

The alarm comes with a remote control that allows you to freely adjust the alarm mode, choose between 24/7 or night-only operation, adjust the volume, and cycle through the 13 pre-loaded sounds or your custom recording.

How do I install or mount the alarm?

The alarm system includes mounting hardware for both wall/base mounting and pipe mounting, making it easy to install in your desired location. The package includes the necessary brackets and screws for installation.

What is the effective range of the remote control?

The remote control has an effective range of up to 10 meters (33 feet) in ideal conditions. However, obstacles and interference can reduce the range to a minimum of 200 meters.


27 reviews

27 reviews for Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof 129dB Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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  1. Thomas Webber (verified owner)

    This motion alarm is no joke – the 129 decibel siren is intense! It’s been awesome for deterring any trespassers or critters from our rural property.

    Color: Green x 1
  2. Wade Snyder (verified owner)

    My favorite feature is definitely the ability to record my own custom voice message. I went with a firm ‘Warning – You are trespassing on private property!’ to get the point across.

    Color: Green x 1
  3. Sarah Curley (verified owner)

    We installed a couple of these at our construction site to prevent vandalism and theft after hours. The motion sensors and ear-splitting siren do the trick!

    Color: Green x 1
  4. Stephan Newsome (verified owner)

    I travel with a small camper van and this solar alarm has been perfect for securing wherever I’m parked for the night. No batteries to worry about either!

    Color: Green x 1
  5. Thomas Griffith (verified owner)

    My elderly parents feel so much safer at their home with this alarm set up. The custom voice recording is their grandkids’ voices which puts their minds at ease.

    Color: Green x 1
  6. Lois Wilkes (verified owner)

    As someone who lives alone, these motion sensor alarms give me peace of mind, especially knowing I can record my own warning message to surprise any intruders.

    Color: Green x 1
  7. Nicole Currier (verified owner)

    We run a summer camp for kids, and these alarms help secure the property at night while camp is in session. The dual solar/USB charging is so convenient.

    Color: Green x 1
  8. Jorge Smith (verified owner)

    Installed one at the entrance to our community garden plots after issues with theft and vandals. That siren will make any trespasser think twice!

    Color: Green x 1
  9. Summer Boshears (verified owner)

    This saved our cabin from being broken into while we were away last summer. That 129db siren is no joke – it scared those burglars right off the property.

    Color: Green x 1
  10. Wilma McAdams (verified owner)

    I love that this can run solely on solar power when I’m camping off-grid. The motion detection and siren is a security blanket for my remote campsites.

    Color: Green x 1
  11. Ernesto Gaston (verified owner)

    We have a small family vineyard, and these motion alarms have helped deter any nighttime grape thieves from trespassing and ruining our harvests.

    Color: Green x 1
  12. Nancy Mayhew (verified owner)

    My husband runs a hunting ranch and these have been perfect for scaring off any potential poachers with that blaring siren and strobe lights.

    Color: Green x 1
  13. Elaine Gill (verified owner)

    My friend used these at her wedding venue to prevent any wedding crashers! She recorded a polite ‘Please respect the private event or security will be called.

    Color: Green x 1
  14. Kelly Starks (verified owner)

    As a real estate agent, I’ll be installing these at new property listings before the first open house to keep everything secure overnight.

    Color: Green x 1
  15. Nancy Fillmore (verified owner)

    These alarms helped solve an issue with people breaking into our community pool after hours. That siren does not mess around!

    Color: Green x 1
  16. Judith Beebe (verified owner)

    We have horses, so installed a perimeter of these to scare off any potential thieves trying to nab our tack or tractor equipment at night.

    Color: Green x 1
  17. Paula Cumbie (verified owner)

    Our neighborhood watch group all chipped in to put up a few of these at our community park and playground after dealing with vandals.

    Color: Green x 1
  18. Vincent Rice (verified owner)

    I work late nights, so one of these solar alarms gives me peace of mind knowing my place is secure if I’m not home until the wee hours.

    Color: Green x 1
  19. Christopher Ramon (verified owner)

    What I love most is being able to swap out my custom recording to adjust for things like holidays, construction, etc with different warning messages.

    Color: Green x 1
  20. Modesto Olson (verified owner)

    This solar alarm with the ultra-loud siren may have single-handedly saved my home and belongings from being robbed over Thanksgiving weekend.

    Color: Green x 1
  21. Teddy Williams (verified owner)

    We keep a few of these in the motorhome and RV to throw up as motion-sensor alarms anytime we’re camping off the grid for added security.

    Color: Green x 1
  22. David Amos (verified owner)

    I’m a retired veteran, so went with a very stern military-esque recording to startle any would-be intruders: ‘This is a final warning – you are being monitored!

    Color: Green x 1
  23. Birgit Sullivan (verified owner)

    The motion detector on this thing is fantastic – it doesn’t miss anything! That paired with the louder-than-life siren makes for solid security.

    Color: Green x 1
  24. Ashley Garrett (verified owner)

    I have a small farm store that I lock up at night, but these solar alarms give added protection against any nighttime break-in attempts.

    Color: Green x 1
  25. Angelyn Casas (verified owner)

    We run a neighborhood crime watch for our rural community, and these compact alarms with motion sensors make the perfect mobile security patrol.

    Color: Green x 1
  26. Wade Camacho (verified owner)

    These have been a lifesaver for securing my remote treehouse Airbnb. No trespassers, critters, or burglars have dared to approach since installing them!

    Color: Green x 1
  27. Brenda Hancock (verified owner)

    I work graveyard shifts, so this alarm with the flashing lights lets me know if anyone even breathes near my car or home while I’m gone.

    Color: Green x 1

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