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Handheld Portable Bedroom Bug Zapper Racket

(25 customer reviews)

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Rated Voltage: 3V

Rated Power: 3W

Frequency: 50 Hz

Item Size: (Dia. x H)17.3 x 46cm / 6.81 x 18.11inch

High at the handle: 3cm / 1.18 inch (appr.)

Handheld Portable Bedroom Bug Zapper Racket 3



What materials is it made of?

It has an outer stainless steel net and an inner aluminum net, ensuring high efficiency.

Is it safe and durable?

Yes, it is described as safe, effective, good quality, and durable.

How does it work?

It produces a high voltage and powerful charge to eliminate flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. When a flying insect touches the screen, it will be instantly zapped.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use. You simply need to press the button and swing the racket.

What are its advantages?

  • Easy to hold handle
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient battery power for ease of use
  • Avoids toxic smells from fly repellents

How does it compare to fly repellents?

Unlike fly repellents that can be toxic and have a bad smell, this bug zapper racket provides a safe and odorless way to eliminate flying insects.


25 reviews

25 reviews for Handheld Portable Bedroom Bug Zapper Racket

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  1. George Carter (verified owner)

    This little racket is my new best friend for peaceful, bug-free sleep! I can zap any moths or mosquitoes that dare enter my bedroom sanctuary before they become a nuisance.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  2. Alberta Bell (verified owner)

    There’s something so satisfying about the “TZZZAP” sound and flash when I nail a fly mid-air with this racket. Scratch one more name off my insect hit list!

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  3. Christopher Bays (verified owner)

    No more spraying toxic chemicals or dealing with ugly zappers. This sleek zapper looks right at home on my nightstand, ready for insect executioner duty.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  4. Melissa Mixon (verified owner)

    Was apprehensive about zapping bugs at first, but the humane instantaneous effect meant no more watching insects suffer. Just zap and移vaporated移 clean kills.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  5. Herman Hudson (verified owner)

    Zapping requires such skill and precision! I’ve been practicing my swing and timing to take down gnats and moths with a single skilled zap. En garde, pests!

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  6. Betty Anderson (verified owner)

    The blue light it casts when zapping is so futuristic and satisfying. I feel like an Imperial Insect Hunter restoring order to my bedroom kingdom.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  7. Donna Pace (verified owner)

    Was shocked (no pun intended) by how much zapping power this tiny racket packs for its size. Lights-out for any unassuming flies that wander into its radius!

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Blue x 1
  8. James Martinez (verified owner)

    There’s an odd sort of primal thrill you get from hunting down bugs in the comfort of your own bedroom with this electrified racquet. Game on, arthropods.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  9. Petra Navarro (verified owner)

    Compact size is clutch for storage yet it still has full-length extendability once gripped. This zapper just feels “right” in your hands to snap into zapping stance.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  10. Janice Shelton (verified owner)

    No more nights lying awake listening to the torturous buzz of a mosquito, just zap zap and back to blissful silence and bite-free sleep.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  11. Timothy Olson (verified owner)

    Bought this because the idea of inhaling smelly repellent spray filled me with dread. With the zapper, I can breathe easy and still maintain insect control.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  12. Marsha Johnson (verified owner)

    The soft blue nightlight glow it casts makes me think I’ve acquired a cool new lightsaber-esque Jedi weapon to slay tiny villains with.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  13. Florence Desrochers (verified owner)

    I keep it on my nightstand for the rare home invading moth or fly, then can easily stow it in a drawer when not in insect elimination mode.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  14. Donna Roberts (verified owner)

    There’s something immensely therapeutic about focusing all anxiety and stress into calculated, purposeful swings to zap airborne pests. My new nighttime routine!

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  15. Mirna Castle (verified owner)

    Be the unyielding Terminator of the insect world they fear you to be with this portable voltage racket by your side in the eternal war against bugs.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  16. Billy Call (verified owner)

    For such a compact, lightweight zapper it really packs an insect-demobilizing punch! Those coils aren’t messing around when it comes to zapping power.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  17. Lillie Cooney (verified owner)

    I actually get a kick out of tracking high-speed flies and trying to anticipate their movements for the perfect zap shot. Who needs video games?

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  18. Molly Martin (verified owner)

    After one use there was a tiny insect graveyard under my nightstand where all the zapped pests accumulated. Proof of the efficacy of my zapping prowess!

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Blue x 1
  19. Christopher Holloway (verified owner)

    No more sweat-inducing panics when a large backyard bug flees inside through an open window. I simply reach for my trusty voltage racket to neutralize the threat.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Blue x 1
  20. Florentina Otero (verified owner)

    This zapper puts the “zzz” back in sleep by allowing me to eliminate any buzzing sleep disruptors. I wake refreshed and bite-free, back in control.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1
  21. Stacey Guerra (verified owner)

    Finally did away with that smashed insect graveyard accumulating on my windowsills thanks to this zapper letting me instantly vaporize any invaders.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  22. Andrew Matthews (verified owner)

    Was amazed at how quickly and cleanly it takes down even the largest, thickest moths with a zap that leaves no residue. Insect disintegration done right.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Red x 1
  23. James Jaramillo (verified owner)

    For all you athletic bug assassins like me, this racket has an exceptional well-balanced swing weight and grip for maximizing zap potential energy.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Blue x 1
  24. Tamika Pereira (verified owner)

    It’s like the Air Force’s new anti-bug reactive laser beam, but in lightweight court-sport form for hunting mosquitos at home. Pew pew pew!

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Blue x 1
  25. Johnathan Espinosa (verified owner)

    Say goodbye to foul scents and noxious sprays filling your bedroom. A few zaps from this racket, and it’s fresh, pure, pest-free air again.

    handheld-portable-bedroom-bug-zapper-racket-color: Green x 1

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