Rechargeable Electric Cordless Indoor Bug Zapper
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3000V UV Light USB Charging Indoor Bug Zapper

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3000V UV Light USB Charging Indoor Bug Zapper3

What makes this mosquito killer effective at attracting mosquitoes?

This mosquito killer is equipped with bionic mosquito attraction technology and human breath simulation, providing double the mosquito attraction compared to traditional mosquito traps. This effectively attracts more mosquitoes to the device.

How does the mosquito killer work?

The mosquito killer has enhanced mosquito suction capabilities, allowing it to capture and kill mosquitoes instantly. It uses a powerful electric shocker and UV light to kill the mosquitoes.

What are the different modes/functions of this mosquito killer?

This mosquito killer has multiple functions including manual mosquito killing, electric mosquito swatter mode, handheld mosquito killing mode, intelligent mosquito killing mode, standing mode, and it uses purple UV light waves to induce and kill mosquitoes.

Is the mosquito killer safe to use?

Yes, the mosquito killer features a dual-layer protection net design to ensure safety. The human touch won’t result in an electrical shock, making it safe for anyone to use.

What is included in the package?

The package includes the electric mosquito killer and a USB cable for charging.

What are the available color options?

The mosquito killer is available in green and grey color options.

How long does it take to charge the mosquito killer?

The mosquito killer has a 450mAh battery capacity and takes under 2 hours to fully charge via USB charging.


28 reviews

28 reviews for 3000V UV Light USB Charging Indoor Bug Zapper

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  1. Leona Hester (verified owner)

    This mosquito killer is a total game-changer! The bionic mosquito attraction really does work – I was amazed at how many mosquitoes it was able to lure in just in my backyard alone.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  2. Manuel Martin (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many mosquito traps and repellents before, but nothing compares to the effectiveness of this killer. The human breath simulation is genius and really draws those pesky mosquitoes in.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  3. Norris Shannon (verified owner)

    I go through mosquito seasons with basically zero bites now thanks to this killer. It’s replaced my need for smelly repellent sprays and citronella candles.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  4. Carol Ballweg (verified owner)

    As someone who is absolutely terrorized by mosquitoes every summer, this product has given me my life back. No more itchy bites or staying inside to avoid the buggers!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  5. Ingrid Ashley (verified owner)

    The suction power is no joke! Mosquitoes don’t stand a chance once they get caught in this little machine’s grip.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  6. Joseph Crosby (verified owner)

    I love that this has a rechargeable battery and USB charging. It’s so convenient to just plug it in when the charge is low instead of having to keep buying expensive batteries.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  7. William Nixon (verified owner)

    I use this both indoors and outdoors. It’s helped make my home mosquito-free and lets me enjoy my backyard without getting swarmed.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  8. Joshua Black (verified owner)

    The multiple modes on this mosquito killer are amazing. I use the electric swatter for flying mosquitoes and the UV light suction for ones that are just hanging around.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  9. Adam Batts (verified owner)

    The safety features like the protective net give me total peace of mind using this around my kids and pets. No more worrying about accidental zaps!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  10. Jessica Hubbard (verified owner)

    I’ve never felt so powerful against mosquitoes! This lets me take the offensive and kill them before they can even get a chance to bite. Safe and satisfying.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  11. Bernard Jarnagin (verified owner)

    The feeling of zapping mosquitoes with the electric current is downright satisfying. I find myself looking forward to mosquito killing sessions!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  12. Patricia Miller (verified owner)

    I’ve started gifting these to all my friends and family. Nobody should have to suffer through mosquito season without an effective killer like this!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  13. Jacquelyn Linton (verified owner)

    My kids actually think it’s fun to use this to hunt mosquitoes. It’s become a nice outdoor family activity during buggy months.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  14. Elizabeth Blythe (verified owner)

    Goodbye bug spray, citronella, and all those other gimmicky mosquito products. This is the real deal for protecting yourself from bites.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  15. Monica Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I love the green color option! It has kind of a futuristic, alien look to it which I think is cool for a mosquito killing device.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  16. Yasmin Owens (verified owner)

    Compact and lightweight, but this little machine packs a powerful punch against mosquitoes. The suction will straight up vacuum them in.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  17. Christopher Cook (verified owner)

    The different modes let me customize it for different situations. I use intelligent mode when I’m just hanging outside, and swap to the handheld killer if I see a rogue mosquito.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  18. Darrell McGee (verified owner)

    I’m amazed at how well the mosquito attraction actually works. These bugs really are drawn to the device like moths to a flame…their own demise!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  19. Christine Rodriguez (verified owner)

    The USB charging makes it so easy to always have a topped up battery. I just leave the cable plugged in and juice it up after each use.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  20. Lazaro Days (verified owner)

    No more mosquito bites whatsoever since getting this thing. My kids can finally play outside during summer without getting eaten alive.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  21. Victor Hewitt (verified owner)

    After just one use, I could already see all the dead mosquitoes it had collected. I’m talking hundreds of them knocked out in just a few hours!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  22. Lester Hassett (verified owner)

    The purple UV light has an almost hypnotic effect in attracting mosquitoes. I’ve watched swarms of them flock towards it, totally helpless.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  23. James Walker (verified owner)

    Compared to those ugly, bulky mosquito zappers, this one is actually pretty sleek and modern looking. It’s not an eyesore at all.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  24. Melissa Libby (verified owner)

    After one summer with this mosquito killer, I honestly don’t know how I survived mosquito seasons before. It’s an absolute must-have.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  25. Robbie Rodriquez (verified owner)

    I warred with mosquitoes for years until I got this savior of a device. Now I’m finally winning the battle against their infernal biting!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Grey x 1
  26. David Webster (verified owner)

    Between the human breath similation and the UV light, mosquitoes don’t stand a chance. This thing is like a roach motel, but for mosquitoes!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  27. Benita Hanna (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I decided to splurge on this instead of a cheaper knockoff zapper. You can really tell it’s higher quality and built to last.

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  28. Nicole Collins (verified owner)

    The compact, handheld size makes this mosquito killer super portable and easy to take from room to room or outside. Mosquito protection on the go!

    3000v-uv-light-usb-charging-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1

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