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3000V USB Rechargeable Foldable Indoor Bug Zapper

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3000V USB Rechargeable Foldable Indoor Bug Zapper


How does the 3000V Electric Mosquito Racket work?

The 3000V Electric Mosquito Racket uses a high-voltage power grid of 3000V to instantly kill mosquitoes, flies, and other small insects when they come into contact with the grid. It also features UV lamps that emit purple light at a wavelength of 365nm, which is lethal to these insects and helps attract them to the device.

Is the Electric Mosquito Racket safe to use?

Yes, the Electric Mosquito Racket has been designed with safety in mind. It features a 5-layer aviation-level safety protection net and an insulated power grid that prevents electric shocks. It also has a double safety switch design, requiring the user to adjust the gear to the working state and press the button on the handle before the electricity is activated.

What are the different ways to use the Electric Mosquito Racket?

The Electric Mosquito Racket can be used in three different ways: vertically, wall-mounted, or handheld. When folded up and the purple light is turned on, it can be used as an insect trap. When unfolded, it can be used as a handheld electric fly swatter with a handle.

How long does the battery last?

The Electric Mosquito Racket is equipped with an 800mAh high-capacity lithium battery. In intelligent mosquito control mode, the battery can last for about 4-6 hours. In manual mosquito control mode, the battery can last for 15-30 days.

What is included in the package?

The package includes the USB rechargeable foldable mosquito swatter and a charging cable.

What colors are available?

The Electric Mosquito Racket is available in green and white color options.


26 reviews

26 reviews for 3000V USB Rechargeable Foldable Indoor Bug Zapper

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  1. Tamara Jennings (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by how well this attracts and zaps mosquitoes. The UV light is like a mosquito magnet, and the high voltage ensures they don’t escape. No more buzzing around my ears at night!

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  2. Sherry Richard (verified owner)

    As someone who loves playing sports outdoors, mosquitoes are the bane of my existence. This racket lets me focus on the game instead of swatting bugs away constantly. No more mosquito distractions!

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  3. Howard Renick (verified owner)

    This has been a gamechanger for my backyard movie nights. No more mosquitoes ruining the ambiance! A few zaps with the racket and it’s smooth, bug-free sailing.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  4. Shelly Vazquez (verified owner)

    As someone who’s allergic to mosquito bites, this racket has been a lifesaver. No more swelling, itching, or worrying about reactions. I can finally enjoy summer evenings without being a mosquito buffet. Totally worth the investment for peace of mind.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  5. Ruth Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve had mosquito rackets in the past that felt clunky or ran out of batteries quickly. This one is lightweight, long-lasting, and gets the job done effectively. Definitely an upgrade from my old one.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  6. David Smith (verified owner)

    My favorite feature is how easy it is to go from zapping mode to just using the UV light as an insect trap. That way, I can be hands-free while it lures mosquitoes in for the kill.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  7. Steven Harshbarger (verified owner)

    I’ve nicknamed this racket the ‘Mosquito Executioner’. Maybe a bit morbid, but hey, those bloodsuckers have it coming! No mercy for skeeters in my domain.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  8. Esther Garcia (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all the mosquito repellent tricks – citronella candles, sprays, you name it. But nothing compares to the sweet, sweet vengeance of zapping those little suckers with this electric racket.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  9. Kecia Tucker (verified owner)

    My kids think it’s the coolest thing ever to go ‘mosquito hunting’ with this racket. It keeps them entertained and mosquito-free at the same time. Plus, it’s way safer than using chemical sprays around them.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  10. Adam Freeman (verified owner)

    My husband loves gadgets, so I got him this electric mosquito racket as a novelty gift. Little did I know it would become his new favorite toy! He goes around zapping every bug in sight with a huge grin on his face.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  11. Catherine Poffenberger (verified owner)

    This mosquito racket is a game-changer! No more annoying buzzing around my ears or waking up with itchy mosquito bites. Just zap those pesky bugs with a satisfying crackle and they’re gone. Highly recommend for anyone who’s fed up with mosquitoes ruining their outdoor fun.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  12. Eve Schreiber (verified owner)

    I love that this is rechargeable via USB. No more wasting money on disposable batteries or having it run out of juice when I need it most. Just charge it up and it’s ready to zap!

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  13. Victor Brennan (verified owner)

    I bought this mainly for my patio, where mosquitoes always seem to congregate. Now I can sit outside without getting eaten alive. The long handle makes it easy to reach those sneaky skeeters hiding in corners too.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  14. Gladys Dew (verified owner)

    This racket is so lightweight and portable, I can easily take it with me wherever I go. No more mosquito worries at backyard BBQs, camping trips, or even just walking the dog in the evenings.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  15. Sandra Hinnant (verified owner)

    I live in a mosquito-infested area, so this racket has been an absolute necessity. It’s satisfying to take out my frustrations on those little disease carriers with a good ol’ fashioned zap!

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  16. Nichole Garcia (verified owner)

    As someone with a severe mosquito phobia, this racket gives me a sense of power and control. Now instead of running away, I can take the offensive and zap those skeeters into oblivion.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  17. Annie Moore (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all sorts of mosquito repellents and traps, but nothing beats the satisfaction of personally zapping those little bloodsuckers with this electric racket. It’s like a mini bug execution device, and I love it.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  18. Shirley Hostetter (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the cheaper bug zappers before, but they never seemed to work very well. This high-voltage mosquito racket, on the other hand, is super effective at taking out mosquitoes quickly.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  19. Paula Stein (verified owner)

    As someone who’s terrified of bugs, I love that this racket lets me keep my distance while still getting rid of mosquitoes. The long reach means I don’t have to get too close for comfort.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  20. Pearl Vazquez (verified owner)

    As someone who loves camping, this mosquito racket is a must-have. No more mosquitoes swarming the tent or biting me while I’m trying to enjoy nature. Just a few swings of this bad boy and it’s mosquito-free bliss.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  21. Pamela Reed (verified owner)

    The long handle is clutch for zapping mosquitoes that try to hide in hard-to-reach spots, like under patio furniture or along the ceiling. Those sneaky bugs don’t stand a chance now.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  22. Henry Kim (verified owner)

    I got this mainly for mosquito control, but it works great on other flying insects too! No more annoying flies buzzing around my food or landing on me. Just zap and they’re gone.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  23. Deborah McDougal (verified owner)

    My kids find it hilarious when I go full ninja with this racket, swinging it around and zapping any mosquitoes that dare enter our backyard. It’s become a fun family activity to see who can get the most ‘kills’!

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  24. Marta Carlson (verified owner)

    I got this for my dad who’s an avid fisherman. No more mosquitoes ruining his peaceful time on the lake! He says it’s way more effective than the smelly repellent sprays he used to use.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  25. Heidi Harrison (verified owner)

    I love the satisfying ‘zap’ sound this thing makes when it fries a mosquito. It’s like a little celebration for every pest I eliminate from my yard. Hear that buzz? Not for long, buddy!

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1
  26. Edward Verdi (verified owner)

    I got this for my mom who has a genuine phobia of bugs, especially ones that bite. Now she can take care of mosquitoes without having a panic attack. She loves the safety mesh too.

    3000v-usb-rechargeable-foldable-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Green x 1

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