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3 In 1 Widening 3000V C-type indoor bug zapper

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How does the electric mosquito swatter work?

The mosquito swatter uses a high-voltage electric grid to electrocute mosquitoes and other flying insects upon contact. When you swing the swatter through the air and an insect flies into the mesh grid, it gets zapped by the 3000V charge.

Is the mosquito swatter safe to use?

Yes, the electric mosquito swatter is designed to be safe for human use. The high-voltage grid is insulated and will not shock people. However, it’s important not to touch the mesh grid when the swatter is turned on.

How long does the battery last on a full charge?

With a 2-4 hour charge time using the USB-C cable, a fully charged mosquito swatter can provide up to 1 month of use when left on standby mode without the lights turned on.

What is the effective range of the swatter?

The large 23*55.6cm mesh grid gives this electric swatter a wide effective range to cover more area when swinging it through the air to catch mosquitoes and flies.

Does it work on all flying insects?

While designed primarily for mosquitoes, this 3000V electric swatter is effective at killing various flying insects like flies, gnats, moths and more that come into contact with the electrified mesh grid.

How do I know when to recharge it?

The mosquito swatter has indicator lights that will let you know when the battery is running low and needs to be recharged via the USB-C charging port.

Is it loud when operating?

No, the electric mosquito swatter operates silently without any loud zapping noises when electrocuting insects. This allows for discreet indoor use.

How durable is the swatter?

Constructed with an ABS plastic body and a 3-layer insulated mesh grid, this electric swatter is designed to be durable and long-lasting with proper care.


28 reviews

28 reviews for 3 In 1 Widening 3000V C-type indoor bug zapper

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  1. Dante Smoak (verified owner)

    I used to be so scared to even go outside after dusk because of the mosquito swarms. But now I feel powerful and protected with this zapper by my side!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  2. Alice Morales (verified owner)

    The swatter feels really well-made and sturdy, not like a cheap, flimsy plastic toy. I can tell this is going to last me for years of mosquito warfare.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  3. Annette Bair (verified owner)

    As someone who is highly allergic to mosquito bites, this swatter has been an absolute game-changer. No more dealing with painful welts and swelling.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  4. Kyle Jackson (verified owner)

    I’ve even started taking this baby camping with me. No more mosquitoes ruining my peaceful nature getaways!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  5. Frederick White (verified owner)

    The battery life is so impressive! I don’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of a mosquito battle. It just keeps zapping for weeks on end.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  6. Stephen Drake (verified owner)

    My kids think mosquito hunting with this electric swatter is just the coolest thing. It’s become our new favorite summer pastime activity!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  7. Kristin Izaguirre (verified owner)

    I love the large electrified grid that basically covers my whole arm’s swing range. Those little bloodsuckers don’t stand a chance at evading it!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  8. Rosemary Kuykendall (verified owner)

    Bye bye, annoying zapping sounds! This swatter operates in complete silence, so I can covertly take out mosquitoes even if my kids are sleeping nearby.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  9. Irene Morris (verified owner)

    After getting a few good zaps in, the blue indicator light blinked to remind me it was time to recharge. So simple to just plug it into a USB!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  10. Douglas Grasso (verified owner)

    I love that it works on all types of flying insects – flies, gnats, you name it. If it has wings, it’s getting zapped by my electrified friend here.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  11. Audrey Rios (verified owner)

    My cat is terrified of most bug zappers, but he doesn’t even flinch when I use this electric swatter. Totally pet-safe and fear-free!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  12. Joe King (verified owner)

    After one weekend using this swatter, I was blown away by how many dead mosquito carcasses were caught in the grid. Pest killing at its finest!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  13. Randolph Wasinger (verified owner)

    The safety features give me peace of mind using this around my kids. The grid is fully enclosed so little fingers can’t get zapped.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  14. Sonny Harris (verified owner)

    The silent operation is a game-changer. I can walk around at night with this and take out mosquitoes without making any disturbance.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  15. Jason Rogers (verified owner)

    I’ve saved so much money not having to continuously buy gross mosquito sprays and repellents. This one purchase has been worth every penny!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  16. Leticia Ellsworth (verified owner)

    Living in a heavily mosquito-populated area, I’ve zapped more insects than I can count with this bad boy. It just keeps on killing!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  17. Brandon Hall (verified owner)

    After going through numerous cheap zappers that died quickly, I’m so impressed with the build quality and durability of this one.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  18. Kevin Larkin (verified owner)

    The indicator lights make it so obvious and simple to know when I need to recharge. No more guessing and getting caught with a dead swatter.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  19. Jay Gonsalves (verified owner)

    Even my dog has started alerting me to the presence of mosquitoes because he knows I’ll grab this swatter to take them out!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  20. Danny Simental (verified owner)

    The wide mesh grid makes it feel like I’m using a electrified tennis racket to smash every annoying mosquito that dares enter my zone!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  21. Edward Shier (verified owner)

    Between the silent zaps and discreet design, I can covertly use this in public spaces without causing a scene. Mosquitoes don’t stand a chance!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  22. Angela Baskett (verified owner)

    As someone who is absolutely terrified of bugs, this swatter helps me take control by killing them before they can ever land on me. My hero!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  23. Dorothy Clewis (verified owner)

    No more slapping myself silly and still not actually killing any mosquitoes! One swing of this electric swatter and they disintegrate.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  24. Melvin Werner (verified owner)

    My husband likes to tease me by leaving me little ‘gifts’ of piles of zapped mosquito bodies that this swatter left behind. Gross but effective!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  25. Christopher Gonzalez (verified owner)

    The ABS plastic construction feels so lightweight and easy to swing, despite packing a powerful 3000V punch for killing.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  26. Lori Moore (verified owner)

    The days of having to coat myself with gross, smelly repellents are over. This swatter lets me skip the chemicals and kill mosquitoes naturally!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1
  27. Laura Badillo (verified owner)

    This electric swatter is my new best friend! I’ve gotten so much satisfaction from zapping all the annoying mosquitoes that invade my home during summer months.

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: White x 1
  28. Frank Schwartz (verified owner)

    The long battery life is so clutch. I never have to worry about it dying in the midst of mosquito swarm. Just keep on zapping!

    3-in-1-widening-indoor-bug-zapper-color: Black x 1

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