Cordless Battery Power Bug Zapper Racket
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3000V USB Rechargeable Foldable Indoor Bug Zapper
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3 IN 1 Electric Indoor Bug Zapper

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size: 440*189mm

3 IN 1 Electric Indoor Bug Zapper 3

3 IN 1 Electric Indoor Bug Zapper 4


How does the bug zapper work?

The bug zapper uses a high-voltage grid (around 3000V) to electrocute and kill flying insects like mosquitoes when they come into contact with the grid. It also emits a purple light to attract insects.

Is it safe to use?

The bug zapper has safety features like double safety switches, overcharge/overdischarge protection, and overcurrent protection. However, it’s still important to keep it away from children and pets, and never touch the high-voltage grid while it’s operating.

Can I use it while charging?

Yes, the base allows you to charge the bug zapper while simultaneously using the mosquito killer mode.

What are the different modes?

The bug zapper has three modes:

  1. Manual mosquito swatter mode: Manually activate to kill mosquitoes.
  2. Intelligent physical mosquito killer mode: The base emits a 360-degree purple light to attract and kill mosquitoes automatically.
  3. Off mode: Shuts down the device.

What’s included in the package?

The package includes the mosquito killer unit, a USB charging cable, the base, and a manual.

Are there any precautions for use?

Yes, never insert your fingers or any objects into the high-voltage grid while the device is operating. Keep it away from children and pets. Also, note that the handle color and size may vary due to product upgrades.


26 reviews

26 reviews for 3 IN 1 Electric Indoor Bug Zapper

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  1. Antonia Pham (verified owner)

    No more smelly, toxic bug sprays filling up my house. This electric zapper gets the job done without the harsh chemicals.

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  2. Christine Perry (verified owner)

    This bug zapper is a total lifesaver during mosquito season! That high voltage grid shows no mercy to those blood-sucking pests.

    1 product
  3. Beverly Stanback (verified owner)

    This is so compact and portable compared to those big, clunky mosquito trap machines. I can take this zapper anywhere.

    1 product
  4. Cherie Allen (verified owner)

    I love the intelligent auto-kill mode. I just set it up and let it do its thing – waking up to a pile of zapped mosquitoes is so satisfying.

    1 product
  5. Rose Burks (verified owner)

    The purple light technology really does work for luring in insects. Every morning I’m amazed by how many mosquitoes got zapped overnight.

    1 product
  6. Tamela Cook (verified owner)

    As someone who is terribly allergic to mosquito bites, this zapper lets me enjoy evenings outside without fear of an emergency trip to the hospital.

    1 product
  7. Wayne Conroy (verified owner)

    I love that I can charge this thing while it’s killing mosquitoes. No downtime in the war against those pests!

    1 product
  8. Bobby Wright (verified owner)

    The safety features gave me confidence to use this around my kids and pets. No accidental zaps, just dead mosquito carcasses.

    1 product
  9. Mary Steinberger (verified owner)

    Using the manual swatter mode is so cathartic when you get a direct hit on one of those disease-carriers. Take that, mosquito!

    1 product
  10. David Ware (verified owner)

    I gifted one of these zappers to my parents who live in a very mosquito-prone area, and they haven’t stopped raving about it!

    1 product
  11. Lawanda Foxwell (verified owner)

    The built-in overcharge protection gives me peace of mind leaving this thing plugged in to always have a full charge.

    1 product
  12. Alex Cramer (verified owner)

    The different modes give me options depending on the situation. Out on the patio? Auto-kill mode. A rogue mosquito gets inside? Swatter mode.

    1 product
  13. Ken Smith (verified owner)

    I love how it has an actual off switch. When mosquito season is over, I can power it down instead of wasting battery life.

    1 product
  14. Keith Hatcher (verified owner)

    Safety was a huge priority for me with children around. This bug zapper puts those concerns to rest with its smart protection design.

    1 product
  15. Holly Leclair (verified owner)

    No more itchy bites, no more buzzing in my ears at night. The zapper has given me sweet, sweet relief from mosquito misery.

    1 product
  16. Halina Bergman (verified owner)

    Mosquitoes never see it coming! The purple light attracts them like a tractor beam towards their demise.

    1 product
  17. Pauline Amaro (verified owner)

    After just one use, I was a believer. Waking up bite-free and seeing so many dead mosquitoes in the zapper tray – incredible!

    1 product
  18. Andrew Sterling (verified owner)

    This zapper is so easy to use, even my kids can operate it safely with the right supervision. We make mosquito killing a fun family event!

    1 product
  19. Harriet Brown (verified owner)

    I’ve started gifting these zappers to all my outdoorsy friends. Nobody should have to suffer mosquito bites on hikes or camping trips!

    1 product
  20. Joanne Davidson (verified owner)

    Between the light, the high voltage, the suction fan – this thing is a mega mosquito killing machine! All-out bug genocide.

    1 product
  21. Vicky Velasquez (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I splurged for this higher-end zapper instead of a cheaper knock-off. You can really tell it’s higher quality and built to last.

    1 product
  22. Lynn Solano (verified owner)

    No more ugly bites to ruin my summer glow. This zapper is singlehandedly saving my beach body!

    1 product
  23. Sonia Couch (verified owner)

    The fact that the colors and size can vary due to upgrades doesn’t bother me – I’m just happy to have a mosquito-free existence!

    1 product
  24. Mark Silva (verified owner)

    This zapper has repaid its cost a million times over with all the mosquito bites and itchy nuisance it’s prevented.

    1 product
  25. Penny Lin (verified owner)

    I feel like a Jedi knight, zapping mosquitoes out of existence with my electric swatter. Fear my mosquito-killing powers!

    1 product
  26. Patricia Hawkins (verified owner)

    I’m usually clumsy with things like bug swatters, but this zapper makes it so easy to exterminate those pesky mosquitoes.

    1 product

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