How To Make Frogs Shut Up? (9 Most Effective Ways)

how to make frogs shut up

Picture yourself in a serene garden with a lovely pond on a refreshing spring day. The rain just let up, clearing the skies and making it feel even more relaxing. And then you hear it—the one sound that can instantly ruin the ambiance of a stunning pond garden: frogs croaking as loud as they can.

Frog noises can be incredibly annoying, especially when you’re trying to relax or concentrate. They’re even more irritating at night because they can hinder you from getting any sleep.

Luckily, there are a bunch of ways to get frogs to settle down and stay quiet, or better yet, leave your property or pond altogether. Today, we will be teaching you how to make frogs shut up and make sure they don’t bother you or your home again.

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Why Do Frogs Croak So Much?

Frogs have a unique vocal sac that can amp up the vibrations in their throat. This makes the sounds and croaks from their vocal cords sound way louder so they can reach faraway places. They do this by pushing air up and down their lungs to make that distinct “ribbit!” sound.

Want to see exactly how they do it? Watch this fascinating compilation of clips of frogs pushing air out of their lungs to make their distinct croaking sound:

But why do frogs even croak so much in the first place? Spoiler alert: it’s not so that they can drive you crazy with the noise.

The biggest reason why frogs croak so much (and incredibly loudly, at that) is that they want to attract a suitable mate. It’s usually the male frogs who call out to females by croaking.

Every frog species has a unique vocal call that other frogs can recognize. Croaking loudly lets female frogs of the same species know that they are within the perimeter. It’s pretty much an announcement that they exist and are ready to mate.

Have you ever wondered why frogs are noisier after it’s just rained? No, it’s not because adult frogs are calling out to their young ones to come home.

It’s because the rainy season makes the climate wetter and more humid, making it the optimal environment to breed and lay eggs. So, male frogs work double time to croak loudly and capture the attention of potential female mates to tell them they’re ready for reproduction.

Aside from using it as a mating call, male frogs also croak to establish territory. When male frogs hear another’s croaking, they’ll know that the area has already been claimed as someone else’s. This minimizes the need for physical confrontation among the males.

9 Ways to Get Frogs to Shut Up and Keep the Noise Down

9 Ways to Get Frogs to Shut Up and Keep the Noise Down1

While a frog’s motivation for croaking is natural, it can be annoying for people who have to hear it. Want to get rid of that croaking noise? Here’s how to shut those frogs up once and for all.

1. Make loud noises or play music

One of the easiest ways to keep frogs from croaking too much is to make loud sounds. Little things like stomping your feet or clapping your hands loudly can be enough to scare away most frogs. It makes them think that there’s a threat nearby and they’ll keep quiet until the coast is clear.

You can also blast music in your speakers so you don’t have to make noises yourself. This is a great idea if you have an outdoor sound system that can reach your lawn or pond. If it doesn’t work, at least the music will help drown out the sound of the croaking.

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2. Modify the environment to make it unhabitable

The frogs hang around your home or garden for a reason. Maybe you have a nice pool or pond. Maybe they feel safe moving around freely in your space. To keep them out, try altering your garden’s environment a bit. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Remove fountains or mini ponds. The fewer breeding grounds for frogs, the less likely they will be to stay in the area.
  • Cut tall grass and shrubs where frogs might hide. Keep vegetation to a minimum.
  • Take away areas where they can find shelter from the rain, like piles of leaves and branches.
  • Cover your pool or pond with some mesh fencing to keep frogs away.

3. Physically remove the frogs from your pond

If handling animals doesn’t make you queasy, you can also consider physically removing the frogs from your garden. All you need is a net to get them out of the water, and then you can place them in a container before relocating them elsewhere.

Not sure where to bring them after capture? Ask your local wildlife authorities where the best place to bring frogs can be within your area.

Learn more about safely and humanely capturing frogs in ponds or yards and releasing them into a better-fitting environment by watching this educational video:

4. Display decoys of natural predators

Visual deterrents can also help a lot if you’re dealing with noisy frogs. One of the best ones is decoys of natural predators. Scatter some rubber snakes and plastic owls and raccoons around the garden. This will add a rustic charm to your outdoor décor while keeping croaking frogs away.

These decoys won’t just force frogs to stay quiet. They may also make the frogs want to leave the property altogether and look for an area with less of a threat.

5. Spray the area with vinegar

Use vinegar to deter frogs from hanging around in your garden. It has a harsh, strong odor that is a natural repellent for many insects and critters, not just frogs.

Dilute white vinegar with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray over the areas where frogs usually hang out in your yard. Don’t spray it directly on the frogs though, as this can end up burning their skin.

6. Do the same with lemon juice

Do the same with lemon juice1

Like vinegar, lemon juice has a powerful aroma that can deter frogs. It’s also acidic, which means it can burn frog skin and hurt their bodies. Instead of pouring lemon juice on the frogs, pour them little by little around the perimeter of your garden. You can also do this with drops of lemon oil.

7. Spread coffee grounds around your garden

Another strong scent that might deter frogs is that of coffee grounds. Thankfully, coffee grounds aren’t acidic and won’t harm the skin of frogs. If you’re looking for a more humane approach to repelling frogs with scents, this might be the best option for you.

Sprinkle the coffee grounds around your garden, focusing on areas frogs usually stay. Not only will the powerful odor drive them out, but the grounds will also act as an organic fertilizer for your soil.


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8. Remove their food sources

Another way to discourage noisy frogs from staying in your garden is by cutting off their food supply. Frogs famously eat insects and bugs by catching them with their long tongue. The fewer bugs there are in your garden, the less attractive it will be to them.

Consider having natural insect repellents in your garden, such as citronella, lemon oil, eucalyptus, basil, neem oil, peppermint oil, and more. If there aren’t any insects lurking in your garden, frogs might be forced to move somewhere else to find food.

9. Spray salt water in areas frogs like to stay

Spray salt water in areas frogs like to stay1

Salt tends to dry out frog skin, leaving a burning sensation in its wake. That’s why frogs can’t survive in the sea and other bodies of water with salt. If you want a surefire way to get rid of frogs, spraying them with some salt water will do the trick.

Create a saltwater mixture by combining water and salt in a spray bottle. Then, spray your pool, pond, or garden with it. Just be sure not to spray it directly on frogs, as this can be inhumane and kill them.

Consider this option a last resort if none of the tips above work. Always try other, more humane ways of getting rid of noisy frogs before this one.


One of the ten methods listed above is bound to work to keep frogs quiet, even immediately after the rain. It might be a good idea to combine two or more of these techniques to ensure that the frogs shut up and don’t croak as much so that you can relax and catch those Z’s at night.

While croaking noises from frogs can be irritating, remember that it’s part of the natural ecosystem. It’s not their fault that’s how the mating season works for them. So, when trying to get rid of frogs that croak too loudly, we recommend going for humane methods that don’t harm the frogs.

If you and your neighbors still can’t get over the loud frog noises in your area, contact local authorities for help. They’ll help you find the best course of action to get rid of them safely so that you can finally get the serenity and peacefulness of your pond garden back.

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