Do Wind Chimes Scare Birds? (All You Want To Know)

do wind chimes scare birds

Wind chimes are some of the best decorations you can set up in your garden. Not only does it add tranquility and calmness to your garden’s ambiance, but according to feng shui, it also clears out negative energy and makes room for good, positive energy.

The smallest, gentlest breeze can bring about the melodious, relaxing sound of wind chimes hitting each other. And while most people love wind chimes for the sing-song sounds they make to elevate a garden, others like keeping them around to scare off nuisance birds.

But do wind chimes scare birds away or keep them around? That is a time-old question most people are confused about. The answer is—it depends. Let’s take a deep dive into whether wind chimes can deter birds from staying in your garden or keep them around for longer.

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Why Noise Deterrents Help Keep Birds Away

Why Noise Deterrents Help Keep Birds Away1

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Birds are known for their sharp and attentive sense of hearing. They’re very sensitive to sound waves, helping them detect predators and prey within their vicinity. It also helps them identify other bird species depending on the sounds they make.

That is why noise deterrents are some of the most effective ways to scare off birds if you have to. When birds hear sudden, loud noises, they get startled and may mistake it for a predator or other threat that will harm them. It’s a signal that danger is nearby. This makes them fly away fast.

Aside from that, noise deterrents also disrupt how birds communicate with each other. Birds sing and chirp to talk to members of their flock. If there are constant noises around, they won’t be able to communicate effectively, thus forcing them to look for a new place to roost or hang around.

Will Wind Chimes Prevent Birds from Entering Your Garden?


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As far as noise deterrents go, many people rely on blasting music on their speakers or clapping and shouting if they see birds in their garden. But a classier, more practical option that can even add beauty to your garden is a set of wind chimes.

There are many different types of wind chimes, and not all of them will scare birds off your garden. Most of the time, yes, wind chimes can make startling sounds that are relaxing to people but drive birds away. So, what kinds of chimes can keep them out of your home?

Large wind chimes that make loud, deep sounds will deter birds the most. These chimes make intimidating noises that are frightening. It will be easy for them to scare away birds, sending them flying to find a new garden to hang out in.

So, if your goal is to get rid of birds on your property, invest in loud wind chimes that make deep sounds. You’ll notice that these chimes are especially effective in their first few days and weeks in your garden.

On the other hand, small wind chimes that make melodic, gentle sounds can actually attract birds to your garden. Instead of loud banging noises, the sounds of these chimes might sound like songs, which birds will gravitate toward.

If your goal is to welcome birds into your garden, get small wind chimes that create beautiful, soothing songs when the wind blows. You can also add fixtures like bird feeders and birdhouses to your garden to signal to them that they can come and stay.

Of course, different birds will have different reactions to wind chimes. Experiment with various types of chimes to see which one will work for your garden.

The More Reflective the Chimes, The More They Repel Birds

The More Reflective the Chimes, The More They Repel Birds1

Image Credit: wikipedia

Did you know that shiny, reflective surfaces and objects that catch light can repel birds?

Take old CDs or reflective tape for example. If you hang them up in your garden and they catch the sunlight, the reflective glare of the light might trigger birds and signal to them that the area is dangerous. So, they’ll leave the premises right away and find another place to fly to.

The same logic applies to wind chimes. Reflective wind chimes made of shiny metal or glass don’t just work as a noise deterrent for birds—they can be a visual deterrent as well. They can create flashes of light that distract and repel birds from coming into your property.

If you want to keep birds away from your home, place your reflective chimes in areas where they’re most likely to catch the light. Position them where direct sunlight will hit throughout the day, not in the shade. Hopefully, the glimmers of bright light will discourage birds from coming too close.

Birds Can Get Used to Wind Chimes Over Time

Although wind chimes are a good bird deterrent, you must know that it’s not a permanent solution for keeping birds away. After a while, when the birds get used to the sound of the wind chimes and they realize they’re never in any imminent danger, they won’t get scared anymore.

This is called habituation. The more birds realize that they are triggered for no reason when they hear wind chimes in your garden, their startle response will start to diminish. In no time, they will be desensitized to the sounds and won’t even flinch when they hear your wind chimes.

To keep wind chimes effective at keeping birds out of your patio or garden, switch them up every few weeks. If you see the birds don’t fly off when the chimes hit each other, place a louder, larger set of chimes outside and see how they react to the new sound.

If you live in a major city, birds will be habituated to the sound of wind chimes right away. Studies show that habituation in birds is faster in urban areas than in rural ones because they’re so used to the loud sounds of trains, crosswalks, cars, and more.

Where to Place Wind Chimes to Deter Birds

Where to Place Wind Chimes to Deter Birds1

Image Credit: birdnet.cornell

The best place to place wind chimes if you want to deter birds is near their usual entry and exit points. This can be close to windows or doors on your patio, or perhaps on trees in the garden.

It’s also a good idea to position wind chimes where the wind can blow. If there is no breeze, your wind chimes won’t make sounds. Don’t keep them in a shaded area where there’s no wind. If there’s no draft where you put your wind chimes, you’re wasting an opportunity to deter birds.

You can also keep your wind chimes near your garden crops so that birds don’t swoop in and eat them. Place them on a shrub or a decorative stone close to this area to protect your high-value produce.

Other Deterrent Methods to Scare Away Birds

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If your wind chimes stop deterring birds from entering your garden, don’t worry. There are a bunch of other deterrent methods you can try. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Install bird spikes in problem areas

Bird spikes may sound scary, but they won’t actually hurt birds. These long rods of metal or thermoplastic material are installed onto areas birds like to perch on. You can set these up on your porch, ledges, and other areas birds like to hang around in your patio or garden.

Want to see exactly how to install bird spikes and how well they work? Watch this step-by-step installation video to see how to tailor your bird spikes to the place you want to put them:

2. Cover your garden with bird netting

A mesh bird netting is an excellent physical barrier you can use to protect your plants and garden crops from hungry birds. When you’re not tending to your garden, cover up these high-value areas with netting to remove the birds’ access to them.

3. Make old-fashioned scarecrows or a decoys

You can also scare away birds with visual deterrents, such as decoys of predator birds like owls and hawks, or perhaps a classic scarecrow. You can either purchase these from your local store or make them on your own as a fun little art project.

Place your scarecrows and decoys where you know the birds will see them. Hopefully, once they catch sight of these “predators,” they will steer clear of your home and fly in another direction.


Different types of wind chimes have varying effects on the presence of birds in your garden. Large, loud wind chimes will scare off birds almost immediately, while soft, small wind chimes might calm them down and make them love your garden even more.

So, if you’re looking for a way to shoo away birds from invading your garden, you’ll want to use bigger wind chimes that make deeper, more intimidating noises and have a reflective appearance. And if that doesn’t work, try out physical deterrents, such as bird spikes and bird netting.

Most if not all wind chimes will add a special kind of charm to your garden. You just have to choose the right kind so you can meet your goal of deterring birds from your garden or welcoming them into it.

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