9 Common House Bugs In Idaho You Need To Watch Out For

Common House Bugs In Idaho

Are you looking to settle down in a woodsy, outdoorsy state filled to the brim with breathtaking views and small towns? Idaho might be a good pick for you. This deep red state has gorgeous woods, wonderful towns, and a culture all of its own.

Most people who move here tend to be aware of the chilly (or temperate) climates in this Northern state. They do not always know what to expect in terms of pests. Idaho is, thankfully, a pretty easy state in terms of pest control and prevention.

We’ll give you the full scope of the information you need to keep your home pest-free.

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What are the most common house insects in Idaho?

While Idaho doesn’t have pest problems that are as bad as states like Florida or Hawaii, it still has some bugs that you should be aware of…

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1. Spiders


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Love them or hate them, arachnids are going to be found on every corner of the earth. Idaho is no exception. Thankfully for the homeowners here, there are few venomous spiders to worry about in this state.

Wolf spiders, hobo spiders, black widow spiders, and house spiders are all commonplace in this state. Keeping a clean, well-dusted home is the fastest way to prevent them from making a home in all the crevices of your house.

Spiders aren’t all that bad, though. They eat other pests like roaches or pavement ants.

2. Ants


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Ants are going to be a bigger issue in most homes, especially during the summer and spring months. Most of the ants you’ll find will be odorous house ants, pavement ants, raspberry crazy ants, and other little black ants.

For most ant species, you can just remove their source of food and they’ll go. This means keeping food stored properly and taking out the trash. However, that doesn’t mean that you are out of the clear; one other problem species belongs to this insect family.

If you find small holes with sawdust piles near your deck or furniture, you need to watch out. You have carpenter ants. These ants will bore through the wood to make their own homes. It can lead to collapsing furniture or even broken walls.

To prevent carpenter ant infestations, seal, treat, and paint any wooden items that you have.

3. Cockroaches


Image Credit: customcleanups

Ask any landlord out there, and they will tell you that cockroaches are the bane of their existence. These bugs can be found in almost any small town, especially in apartment buildings where people don’t care for their surroundings too much.

Most of these infestations are either from the American cockroach or German cockroach varieties. Regardless of the species, prevention is key. Cleaning your home, removing any food scraps possible, and taking the trash out every day will keep them away.

It’s worth noting that this may be more of an “urban” infestation than most others on this list. It can still happen to anyone, even if you live out in the boondocks.

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4. Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs1

Image Credit: forbes

Bed bugs are another Idaho pest that tends to be more of an urban thing than a rural issue. However, they can happen to anyone, anywhere. These small brownish-red bugs are famous for being able to find their way into homes by being hitchhikers.

If you have been traveling, check the seams of your hotel mattresses for bed bugs before you lie down. Check your luggage before you get into your home, and treat any items you believe have bed bugs before you allow them into your home.

If you want to buy a used bed frame or box spring mattress, make sure that you check them for signs of bed bugs. (Or, better yet, don’t ever buy a used mattress!) The biggest issue with a bed bug infestation is actually finding them. You’ll usually see bites way before you see one.

If you notice reddish brown streaks on your bed, waste pellets, casings, or strange bites on your body, call a pest control service. These bugs are very difficult to kill on your own.

5. Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and Hornets1

Image Credit:myveramesh

Both wasps and hornets are nuisance pests that fit under the “stinging insect” category. Unlike honey bees (or even regular bees), they don’t produce honey. They just make nests and sting people like total jerks.

Unlike other bugs on this list, these creatures do not actively look for human dwellings. They are just looking for crevices that allow them to nest comfortably. Unfortunately, porch cracks and entryways in attics qualify as good nesting places for them.

The easiest way to keep them away from your home is to seal up crevices that they would use to crawl into your house. If you spot a papery-looking nest, you may have wasps or hornets already in your home. Call a pest control expert immediately if they are nested in your house.

Removing wasps’ nests should never be done on your own. This is a project for professionals.

6. Ticks


Image Credit: raid

Ask any resident of Idaho, and they’ll tell you that hiking is part of the life you sign up for in this state. Living near woods will cause you to end up in contact with ticks. Several different types of ticks can exist within state limits, including deer ticks.

A tick bite won’t hurt, but it can transmit diseases to both people and animals. If dog ticks end up on your pet, you also may have to deal with a house infestation. Ticks are quick to cling to creatures, so you need to check yourself (and your pets/kids) for them after every hike.

Tick prevention is one of those things that you have to take very seriously if you want to live in Idaho. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Do not go for hikes without wearing long pants and socks. Always check for ticks!
  2. Bug spray can help, and so can tick prevention for pets. Truth be told, all pets should be given flea and tick prevention if they go outside. Even if they are indoor pets, it may be best to keep them on tick prevention.
  3. Do not sit in grassy areas with lots of leaf waste. This is where ticks love to congregate. They also are fans of tall grass.
  4. Keep your lawn clean and free of tall grasses. You also need to clean up any debris you see.

7. Mosquitos


Image Credit: healthline

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but mosquitos are an issue for Idahoans during the summer. These biting insects can spread disease, but finding disease-ridden ones in Idaho is fairly rare. They’re just itchy, aggravating pests.

Mosquito prevention can be done in several different ways. Getting a bug zapper can help, as can bug spray. During the summer, lighting citronella candles can help keep them away from major gathering areas.

Above all, you need to prevent standing water near your home. That’s where mosquitos breed.

PRO TIP – Mosquitos can carry parasites known as heartworms. If you have pets, this can be lethal. Heartworm prevention is a must!

8. Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are famous for eating box elder trees, then going into homes during the colder months of the year. When they’re in houses, they don’t usually eat anything. They just nest there to escape the icy temperatures outside.

Still, they are not exactly pleasant roommates.

If you notice box elder bugs in your home, don’t panic. You can usually spray them away with the right pesticide. Prevention can be done by keeping box elder trees (and their other favorites) away from your house.

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9. Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies1

Image Credit: synergy2ms

Along with the ever-present housefly, fruit flies also tend to be a problem in Idaho. As their name suggests, fruit flies love to eat fruit. They’re not too picky, though. They will also occasionally nosh on vegetables if they can’t find fruit.

These small little flies can infest food, but they don’t carry diseases. They’re just annoying and gross to find on food. Treating your home for fruit flies is fairly simple. As long as you don’t leave fruit out on the counter, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

If you have some “loose stragglers” flying around, you can make a trap out of a shot glass filled with red wine and dish soap. The flies love the wine, but the dish soap will poison them.

In conclusion…

Idaho is a beautiful state, and if you’re a fan of having your own outdoor space, you’ll adore it. If you don’t like bugs and want to avoid too many venomous creatures, then you are also going to adore Idaho for that perk, too.

Though the pests in this state are fewer, you still need to prevent them from making themselves at home in your home. As long as you keep your house clean, sealed, and dry, the chances of you having problems with bugs are going to be low.

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